Making You a Priority!

We have arrived for our Get Organized Month – Organizing Tip #30.

Today is it! Day 30 of our “30 Days of Quick Organizing Tips.” If you’ve been following along, you have taken in a lot. If you’ve begun implementing these tips, then pat yourself on the back. You need to be commended.

My organizing tip for today is …

Making You a Priority!

We live in a society that considers being busy a preferred state of being and having downtime is nonproductive boredom. We all need down time. We all need me time. We all need to take a deep breath and replenish our thinking, our creativity and our energy.

So for today think about doing one of the following:

1. Bake something delicious and eat it without guilt
2. Buy some flowers
3. Call a friend
4. Climb a tree
5. Color or draw
6. Create your own coffee break
7. Do some gentle stretches
8. Drive somewhere new
9. Eat a meal in silence
10. Enjoy your body – God created it
11. Examine something you see everything with a new way of looking at it
12. Find a relaxing scent – aromatherapy – not artificial fragrant
13. Fly a kite
14. Go for a run
15. Go for a walk
16. Go to a Farmers Market
17. Go to a lake or ocean
18. Go to a park
19. Go to bed early
20. Let go of something – especially if its causing stress in your life
21. Let out a sigh
22. Light a candle
23. Listen to music
24. Make some music
25. Mediate on God’s Word
26. Move twice as slow – stop rushing
27. Paint on something other than paper
28. Pet a furry animal
29. Put on some music and dance – by yourself!
30. Read a book
31. Read or watch something funny
32. Read poetry
33. Rest your legs up a wall
34. Sit outside and enjoy God’s creations (nature)
35. Take a bath

Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!

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