A Little About Me!

I remember the days living in a state of anxiety, depression, and chaos.

I had times that I was dealing with insomnia and a strong level of stress that I had to force myself to get throughRegina Sanchez each day.

There was a point in my life that I was constantly fighting off a cold sore.  I had such a weak immune system.

This was not a way to live.

If stress, anxiety and depression are overwhelming you, I get it.  The problem is we may not like this in our life, but we don’t know how to make changes.  We have lived in this state for so long, that it has almost become our friend.  On one level we don’t want to live this way but on another level it’s what we are used to so there is some aspect of comfort.

Moving out of that state to feeling alive again can be hard when there are so many issues to focus on.  How do I begin?   Where do I start?  What am I doing wrong?  That’s where Giving You a Fresh Start can help you begin that journey.

My heart is to revive people’s ability to change the course of their lives and help them feel like they are living again by Giving You a Fresh Start! I look at both health, physical environment and emotions to bring about changes in one’s life.

Forty years ago, I developed “Typhoid Salmonella” poisoning

  • I spent almost two weeks in the hospital.
  • I was admitted with 107-degree temperature.
  • I was given bags and bags of antibiotics. It was a grueling process, but I did get well.
  • A year later I developed chronic yeast infections. The infection was so bad that my body ached.
  • I went from Doctor to Doctor, treatment to treatment and to no avail.
  • It still kept coming back.
  • I had to deal with this for a little over a year.

Finally, someone recommended I see Dr. Leo Galland. He saved my life!

  • Dr. Galland was an MD that practiced Integrative Medicine.
  • He did a complete work up (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional) and determined that the antibiotics I was given the prior year had wiped out the normal bacteria in my body.
  • I was overcome with yeast.
  • He put me on a “yeast free” diet and a number of supplements … probably a probiotic.
  • I was completely healed.  I never had a problem again … ever.

Well, being on a yeast free diet wasn’t easy. But I didn’t care. I would do whatever he instructed me to do.  I wanted health again.

This began my journey of:

  • Reading labels.
  • Understanding what ingredients were.
  • Eating “cleaner.”

Now fast forward 15 years later and my second child is born.

  • At about 18 months, he develops symptoms that he would awaken every night screaming in terror. 
  • I thought he had an ear infection.
  • I took him to the pediatrician.
  • I was told “night terrors.”
  • I asked, “Now what do I do?”
  • “Nothing,” the Doctor said, “He’ll outgrow it!”
  • I was shocked.
  • This is not normal nor how I believe God wanted my child to live.

That’s when my next level of research began, and I discovered Dr. Feingold.

  • Dr. Feingold believed that ADD, ADHD, night terrors, chronic ear infections, etc. had to do with the food coloring and preservatives in food.
  • What I didn’t realize was his baby food had food coloring in it.  It wasn’t listed on the label. 
  • I put my son on the Feingold diet and his night terrors went away.  

Thank God for natural remedies and getting to the root of the issue and not just medicating or putting a Band-Aid on it.

Working for 10 years helping families de-clutter and organize their homes/small businesses, I saw a pattern. 

  • Health issues were present in those individuals living in chaos/clutter.
  • Kitchen pantries with processed foods had families with health issues.   

It grieved my heart when I saw processed foods with toxic ingredients sitting on their shelves. The passion in my heart rises up to help educate and bring truth to light. My heart is to help educate people to understand the food they eat and how food manufacturers and our own Government are deceiving them.   I want to help families change to a “cleaner” way of eating.

So, I learned over the years that your health and your environment truly go hand and hand.  Many times, with my clients once their environment was organized, they can begin to experience peace.   They truly wanted not only their health back but their life.  It is a process and a journey and doesn’t happen overnight. But the sooner one starts, the sooner one’s health can start on a path of wellness. I would love to work with you to help revive you to have peace, joy, love and health into your home.

To sum it up – I’m here for you.

I can help revive you and “Give You a Fresh Start” to help you feel alive again.  I’ll work with you each step of the way as we turnaround your situation. But most importantly, I will believe in you and encourage you to Revive Joy in your life and walk you into feeling alive again!  It will be fun and the best thing you can do for yourself …I promise!

Let’s connect!   Reach out here for us to connect