Module 4 Has Been Released!

Well, I’ve reached beyond the halfway point of my Course I Gave Christ My Heart! Now What? and am releasing Module 4.  Inside this Course you will find the following teachings:

The Importance of Prayer!

Prayer is so important that in the New Living Translation Bible it is mentioned 436 times.  Additionally, Jesus tells us to be praying.  But prayer should not be a drudgery or a “discipline.”  It should be our heart’s passion and desire.  Learn how to make it a passion in this Lesson.

The Peace and Rest of God is Our Promise!

Peace is a beautiful gift that Jesus left for us to have, but we must receive that gift and we must let our life be ruled and guided by peace.  Learn how to receive His peace and how to let peace reign in your life.  You will be glad you did.

Being Protected Under His Shadow!

We have a promise in Scripture that tells us how-to live-in God’s protection.  Protection is God’s promise and one we should apply to our life.  Discover what Scripture gives us this promise and how to apply it to your life.

Where Does Our Provision Come From?

If you live a “self” life, your answer to this question will be you.  But if you are a follower and believer in Jesus Christ, you will learn who truly is your provider.  Dig into this teaching and uncover who your provider is and what a blessing that is for you.

Having Patience is a Work in Progress!

Patience is one of the “fruits of the Spirit” that every believer should be walking in.  I used to believe if God said we can have this fruit it would “magically” fall from heaven upon me.  Boy was I misguided.  Learn how to have this fruit and other fruits come into your life and have you walk in the fullness of it.

To get to Module 4 …  You can find Module 4 by clicking here!

I am now working on Module 5 & 6 which should be released in the next two weeks.

I pray you have an opportunity to review these teachings and that they help ignite a passion in your heart for developing or enhancing your spiritual life.

Be blessed, be encouraged and know you are loved,

Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!