Module 6 is Being Released!

Well, it’s here.  I’ve reached the end … or have I?  Module 6 of I Gave Christ My Heart! Now What? is completed and ready to be viewedAt this point the 6 Modules that the Lord put on my heart are done, but I already am gathering more topics to teach on so I believe in the future there will be another Module.

But for now, here is what Module 6 will teach you and here is the link to get started

Healing! Is That God’s Will?

Do you believe God wants you healed and well?  In the Christian community, this is a controversial topic because people who were prayed for were not healed.  But regardless of the outcome of prayer, we need to know, believe, and stand on what the Word of Truth tells us.

Consider Your Relationships!

Who we are yoked to in our relationships is very important.  It’s so important that Paul addressed this issue in Corinthians.  Looking at our relationships is critical to our walk with the Lord.  We need to ask ourselves if these relationships are influencing us or are we influencing them?  Understanding that being “equally yoked”is the call from God.

satan and the Trials We Will Face!

Do you believe turning your life over to the Lord guarantees a life that will be “smooth sailing?”  This teaching will show you the truth of turning your life over to the Lord and walking with Him.  Learn what it means to have trials and how you get to victory.

What is True Worship?

For years I believed Worship was singing Hymns or Contemporary Christian music at Church or at a Spiritual Conference.  But once I really studied the Word and prayed that the Lord would open my heart to His truth, I received a revelation about what true Worship is.  It blessed me and I pray it blesses you as well.

The Importance of Parents Teaching Us the Kingdom of God!

The Word of God is very clear about parents teaching their children the Kingdom of God.  Were you a child in a family whose parents did not teach you God’s love and His ways?  No worries.  It is NEVER too late to learn, understand and live in the Kingdom.  If you are a parent, be sure to raise your children in the way they should go.

I am praying that you find these teachings encouraging and uplifting for your spiritual life.  I’m honored to guide you on this journey.  Let’s let it be fun!

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!