Monkey Bars … and they aren’t for exercising!

Do you know that 25% of people with two-car garages don’t have room to park cars inside them and 32% only have room for one vehicle.  U.S.  Department of Energy.  Are you one of those families?

Organizing your garage is a space that should not be neglected just because it’s not your day to day “living space.”

Spring is here and it’s a perfect time to focus on your garage.

Well one of the “tools” to help you organize your garage are Monkey Bars.  I was recently approached by Hinding Garage Systems to place an article in my Blog.  Below is an article written by Shaelyn Peterson of Hinding Garage Systems.  Enjoy.

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The desire to organize your home is quite popular among most people because it helps create a more peaceful and stress-free place. This same concept extends to your garage. The garage can become a place that you enjoy spending time in when it is organized and free of clutter.

Imagine opening up your garage door and knowing exactly where the item you are looking for is stored. Not only does effectively organizing the garage create a happier environment, but it helps save you time so that you can get out and do the things you love.

Let’s talk about how to get there.

One of the most important aspects of garage storage is to make sure each item is kept in zones. Zoning means that you group like items together. When you categorize your storage like this you will more quickly be able to find the things you need and will be able to maintain organization long-term.

Some examples of zones in your garage include:

  • Camping gear – Anything that you might take camping or on an outdoors day trip such as a tent, chairs, flashlights, camp stoves, backpacks, etc.
  • Sports equipment – Soccer balls, frisbees, baseball bats, roller blades, or any other outdoor games.
  • Decorations – Any seasonal and holiday items such as a Christmas tree or Halloween decorations.
  • Lawn care – Lawn mower, gardening supplies, salt for the driveway, etc.

Feel free to make as many zones as you want in your garage. The more specific zones that you have, the easier it is to stay organized and keep the clutter out.

Once you have categorized all of your garage belongings into zones, you have to determine what the best way is to store them. Afterall, there are certain items that you might want more frequent access to, while other items might only be used once a year. Installing garage storage systems to accommodate these long or short-term needs for each zone will ultimately make organization in your garage so much easier.

A simple question like, “How often do I use these items?” will help you know which storage tools are best for each zone. Zones that aren’t used very often should be stored in a long-term system while a zone that needs daily access should be stored in short-term systems.


Long-Term Storage Systems

  • Overhead fixed racks – These are racks that are installed on the garage ceiling. They make the most of unused space by getting your belongings off the ground and out of the way. Things like decorations or seasonal gear are perfect items to store here because you don’t use them very frequently and would need a ladder to access them.
  • Motorized ceiling storage – Similar to fixed racks, motorized racks are also installed on the ceiling. However, these motorized options allow you to raise or lower the shelf through bluetooth technology on your smartphone. This makes accessing your gear a little more convenient.


Short-Term Storage Systems

  • Slat wall – A slat wall is a board installed on the wall that has a variety of hooks and attachments for certain items. If you have a zone full of tools you might want to hang them here.
  • Wall shelving – Installing shelving on the walls help to get your belongings off the floor while still keeping them in arm’s reach. A zone of sporting equipment that you use after school or on the weekends would work great on shelving because your kids could easily see and access them as well.
  • Cabinets – The major difference between shelving and cabinets is that your belongings are stored behind closed doors. This means that your zones don’t have to be on constant display and you could even lock any valuables away.


Zoning your garage and installing the necessary systems is an important step towards complete garage organization. It will increase the functionality and efficiency of your garage while making it a place that you enjoy being in.



This post was written by Shaelyn Peterson at Hinding Garage Systems. They help homeowners in the Hartford area organize their garage with custom storage solutions.



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