“New Year’s Resolutions … or Not!”

It’s that time when we enter a new year and feel like we need to make changes or “resolutions” to various things in our home, our life or our family. Excitedly, we create our list of “resolutions” and happily start the Live in JapanNew Year only to peter out and loose steam. This causes a tremendous amount of discouragement, self-judgment and shame. Then by the end of the year we look back at all we didn’t accomplish and feel like a complete failure. I personally don’t think resolutions are good, nor the way to go. I think that when we desire to makes changes in our life they need to be done at the pace and process that best works for us individually.

Let’s say you have a goal of loosing weight and you start a New Year’s Resolution of going on a diet. First can I tell you diets don’t work? They may for a short time but we usually end up breaking the diet and gaining all the weight back … and sometimes more. What if you make a decision to make some life style changes? For example, you could make a decision to be sure to get 6-8 glasses of water a day and replace that soda you drink with that water.   Or how about tackling that sugar addiction? What if you decided to cut out 50% of your daily sugar intake and replace it with raw fresh vegetables? Give yourself a couple of months of doing this and then reduce your sugar intake by 60% and so on until most of your day is sugarless. Your body will feel the difference and actually crave the good nutritious food.

Or were you thinking you were going to make a New Year’s Resolution to have an organized house. So you start January as “Get Organized Month.” But life gets in the way and by the end of the month your house is in worse shape than it was because you have organizing projects that got started but never got finished.

Well what if you decided to make some “life style” changes by taking baby steps?

What are some “life style” changes you could make?

Try incorporating these changes into your daily routine

and see how you home will begin to transform itself

into a more organized environment.


  • Take 15 minutes each night as a family and pick up your individual space as well as the house as a whole.
  • Be sure to make your bed every morning … no excuses.
  • Clean off the kitchen table after every meal.
  • Don’t let dishes pile in the sink. Immediately rinse and put in dishwasher.
  • Don’t allow your kitchen or dining room table as well as the kitchen counters be a “catch” all for your household papers.
  • Let the family room be a family room … not a junk room. Everyone must pick up after himself or herself.
  • Clothes must be hung in the closet. Throwing them on the floor, on the bed, on a chair or on a dresser is not acceptable.
  • Dirty clothes must be placed in a hamper. Not the floor.
  • After the laundry is done and the clothes are folded, they must be put away in their appropriate space … immediately.
  • Have a designated space for back packs and be sure each child places theirs there.
  • Don’t even bring “junk” mail into the house. Put immediately in the recycling bin.
  • Give each child a small chore to do each week.
  • Make a decision to throw away 1, 3 or 6 items a week.
  • Make a decision for every new item brought in the house, that you remove two.
  • Only go to the store if you really need something. NO recreational shopping.
  • Stop magazine subscriptions.
  • Say no to things your mom or mother in law want to give you and you know you won’t use it. Remove the “guilt” feeling.
  • Have a “donate” box in a handy place. Each week, be determined to place at least one item in the box. When box is full, bring to your favorite donation facility.
  • Children are only allowed one mess at a time.

So this list is a start to propel you into action and change. Don’t look at making resolutions. Look at making changes and one change at a time if that is all you can manage.

If making those changes still seems overwhelming, consider hiring a Professional Organizer to help you meet your 2016 Goals!

Your Organizing Expert … Believing in You!

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