On the Road Again!

Horse and WagonAlthough we have gotten beyond those horse and buggy days (thank goodness) and now have bigger and better vehicles, we tend many times to think that our automobiles are storage units.  They become cluttered with belongings, food and items that should have been removed weeks ago.

So whether we commute daily to work, are the local chauffeur to the neighborhood kids or planning our summer vacation, it is invaluable to keep our vehicles maintained and organized. Start with a few basics that will get you on the road to organized travels.

  • Have at least one small trash receptacle in the vehicle (or two if it has more than two rows of seating).
  • Keep maps in a storage pouch behind a front seat in case your GPS doesn’t work.
  • Keep a mini phone book in a storage pouch behind a front seat.
  • Keep a folder with a secure closure for important papers such as insurance documents, maintenance records, and mileage logs.
  • Keep an envelope or small folder to hold receipts or paperwork that you gather from your errands.
  • Consider cleaning out your glove compartment (those manuals we NEVER read) and keep important items in there (such as the prior two recommendations above).
  • Invest in backseat storage containers for kids to keep books, crayons, and travel games.  Have them accessible to your children so they can reach for them while you are driving.
  • Place a small tote in the trunk for transporting small items so they won’t roll around while you travel.
  • Have an emergency/first aid kit in the car.
  • Try your best to keep things off the floor and have storage bins to keep items in.  Even if those items are in the car temporarily.  This is a safety issue.  You don’t want things sliding around as you are driving.
  • Take time each day or at least once a week to take out of your vehicle all items that are not needed.

Organization on the road is much easier when we take a few minutes to prepare before sliding behind the wheel.

Happy Organizing and Happy Travels!

Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!

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