Organizational Challenge!

Currently, I have the pleasure of working with a soon to be 89-year-old woman named Pearl. I am helping Pearl to downsize and make a move from her 7-room Colonial to a 4-room condo. Pearl has lived in her 95 High Valley 010home for 61 years with her beloved husband Jack. Jack passed away 5 years ago and he was the love of her life. She misses him terribly.

Pearl is amazing to me. As an 89-year-old woman, she has strength, clear thinking and a beautiful heart. Her biggest concern is that someday she will end up in Assisted Living. Her family knows of her concern and is setting her up in this new condo so there is no risk of falling due to the stairs and that if she needs assistance down the road, they can hire a live in to be with her. I might say all in a cozy, beautiful condo.

But when I talk with Pearl, I tell her that I cannot imagine that will be an issue for her. She is an amazing woman to me and encourages me every time I’m with her. I think one of the things that keep her so strong is her level of gratitude. Each evening before she goes to bed, she goes to her dresser, which has her wedding picture on it. She thanks the Lord for the many years of happiness she has shared with her beloved Jack and then thanks for the Lord for what she was able to accomplish that day. She says it doesn’t matter how great or small that accomplish was, she gives thanks for being able to do it.

Wow, what an incredible attitude!

What an inspiration she is!

She could choose every night to stand at that picture with a “Woe is me attitude” asking God why he took her beloved from her now? Or she could go to bed feeling frustrated that she is moving from her loved home and she only got to go to the grocery store that day. But no Pearl lives in gratitude for what she has had and what she currently has.

So how can this apply to you as you attempt to bring organization into your home or small business?

Organizing is a big project. It can be overwhelming which causes one to be frustrated and unmotivated. What if everyday as you laid your head on the pillow you gave thanks for what you were able to accomplish that day? No matter how great or small your organizational task was that you accomplished, be grateful for it. As you build up your “attitude of gratitude,” your motivation will increase and more and more will be accomplished.

So how about it? Do you want to give it a try? I challenge you to try for the next 41 days. It is said that it takes 41 days to break a habit. Try it! Let me know you are taking on this challenge and I’ll be happy to motivate you each day for the next 41 days.

Comment below with your name and email. Let’s get started. I’m excited for you. Are you excited?

Your Organizing Expert … Believing in You!




    • Yes Janet I so agree. Sometimes we let the negatives things in life get us down. But keeping our eyes focused with a grateful heart will give us much more satisfaction through our day.

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