Organizing Books in Your Home!

One of my most favorite past times is reading. I love books! Did I say that? I love books! Books are a wonderful way to learn, past the time, and go on an adventure.subject-clipart-books-clip-art-3

Being a homeschool mom for 14 years, we did have our collection of books. After completing my years of homeschooling, I had books sale several times in my home and sold off many books. But I was still left with books and needed a way to pass them on. I could have donated them to the Library but I had thousands of dollars worth of books and I wanted to recoup some of the money. So I decided to list them on; which is the EBay of books. Took me about 2 weeks every evening listing my books. I categorized them and then began the listing. When I was finished, I had listed 644 books. Wow that was amazing! Let’s say the average price of the books were $10 (some were more and a few were less). That’s over $6,400 worth of books … and I had already sold many. That amazed me. I realized I had invested a tremendous amount of money over the years in books. To date, I have 498 books left and still eager to sell them.

So what do you do with all your precious books? Do you have a means to store and display them properly? Are they accessible for your children? Are they stored neatly and are you able to locate them easily should you want to reread or let someone borrow one?

I do categorize my books … especially when I was home schooling. I had a shelf for Reference type books; a shelf for History books and a shelf for Science books. Of course, each child had shelves in their rooms for their specific books. I wanted them to have easy access to them and wanted the books to be an option when they were looking through their toys to decide what to play with.

If you have very young children, placing the books on the shelf facing forward is always a good option. Because they are very visual, seeing the pictures on the cover versus reading the title, will more than likely attract them to the book.   I also recommend that you rotate children’s books. Leave only a handful out at a time. Then periodically, remove them from the shelf and place different books out. They will feel like they have new books to read continually.

There are many options for storing books at home. Check out these options on my Pinterest page Pinterest-Organizing Books in Your Home. There are some very fun ideas.

So be creative with your books. Respect and take care of them and teach your children to do the same. Reading is a wonderful past time and should be enjoyed by all!

Are your collection of books in chaos? Are you feeling overwhelmed and even the pictures aren’t shedding light on how to bring order to your collection? Then let’s connect. I would love to help you bring alive your book collection again and perhaps help you find a new adventure! You can find me at Contact Me.

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  1. I love books too, and I kept most of them up until I downsized from a house to an apartment and no longer had the luxury of space. Now I have one bookcase in my office which contains mostly reference material related to business, organizing, technology and so on, and one in the spare room with my novels, books I’ve saved from my childhood and school days, and non-fiction related to personal interests. I also have a small collection of “next reads” in my bedroom. When a shelf gets too full, it’s time to let some more go.

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