Organizing for the New Year!

I am not one that promotes or believes in New Years Resolutions. What pressure we place on ourselves with those Resolutions. First, we have the pressure of what our Resolution should be. Secondly, we put such pressure on ourselves to stick to this resolution. Of course when the New Year comes, we are all excited and eager to make changes. But then life hits us smack on the face and we start back peddling what we “resolved” to accomplish.

So instead of a “Resolution” or “Resolutions” how about doing a paradigm shift and just make some changes. Start with one at a time. They can be big. They can be small. They can be whatever you feel led to change. The choice is yours to make.

Feel stuck and don’t know where to begin? Well, here are some ideas that might help propel you forward to makes some changes in your life or in your home to bring perhaps some “simplicity.” Start with one at a time. As you being to see results, you will be motivated to keep moving forward.

  1. Re-evaluate your commitments. Are you doing things that no longer interest you but you are having a hard time getting out of it? Or are you one who has a hard time saying “no” and you are way over committed. What I tell my clients are, “No, is your friend.” Make that list of what you currently are involved in and re-evaluate their purpose in your life. Move on from those things that don’t fulfill your goals right now.
  2. Stop shopping and start doing more donating. Daily, weekly, monthly (you choose) find one item in your home that you are willing to donate. If you decide to do this weekly, after 52 weeks you will have 52 less items to dust, wash or find a home for.
  3. Use the rule “1 in, 2 out” for all your closets … not just your clothes. Every time you bring in or purchase a new item, two items must be given away or donated.
  4. Start to limit your storage space. That means don’t purchase any new cute storage items. I know it’s hard but make that commitment. I have clients that purchase storage items because they are cute. They bring it home and have to now fill it. Filling is not hard. Easy way to resolve. Don’t buy any unless absolutely necessary.
  5. Get off all those mailing lists (digital or paper) and even cut down on those magazines. Ask yourself how many of those magazines you truly get to read each month. If there are magazines you really love, consider getting them on-line. If you are not an on-line person, then make an agreement with yourself that if that magazine is still unread after 30, 60, 90 days, you’ll recycle.
  6. Reduce your debt this year. Begin paying off your credit cards one at a time. Once they are paid off, cut them up. Commit to having one or two credit cards max. You really don’t need more than that. Department Store or Clothing Store credit cards have crazy, insane interest rates. Those should be the first to go!
  7. Commit some time to clean out and purge your attic, basement and garage. You will begin to find things you haven’t seen or even used for years. Why keep them? They are only collecting dust.
  8. Cut back on the amount of TV you watch. Play a game with your spouse and your kids, read a book, take a walk, relax on the porch … like the good old days.
  9. Check and use the food in your freezer, refrigerator and pantry before going to the grocery store. It’s always helpful to do your menu for at least a week and check on the ingredients. This way you know what you have and you know what you need. Why buy extras?
  10. Re-evaluate your social media. Disconnect from it for periods of time to give yourself a break. It’s so easy to get swallowed up in the social media world and then find that you lost a few hours in the evening to perhaps do something productive.

So these are just a few ideas that could help you be more productive and simplify your life this 2017! Give it a try. Let me know which one(s) you want to try. I’ll be happy to encourage you along the way.

Your Organizing Expert … Believing in You!

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