Organizing Magazines – Helpful Or Not?

Organizing seems to be the “buzz” word these days with TV Shows, Books, Magazines and Professional Organizers filling a profession. Because we are a Nation of “stuff, many families are overwhelmed with what they have accumulated. They feel compelled to keep their “stuff” because of the cost of purchasing it; but they are running out of space. Hence, that is why the profession of Professional Organizers is growing tremendously each year.

With the growing need for possessions, families don’t know what to do with their “stuff/treasures” and are looking for ways to bring order into their home or business. So they venture to the bookstore or the magazine stand or Google Organizing Tips to shed some light on their situation. But many times the first thing they do is purchase containers for organizing. All of these things are good but I caution you to start slow and before you venture to the store to purchase these containers (only to give you more stuff), there are steps that need to be taken before you can determine what containers you really need.

Looking at Organizing Magazines and seeing the beautifully decorated, organized and well-planned room can cause you to take step #3 (purchasing containers) before really taking steps #1 & 2. Additionally, one thing to keep in mind is these magazines sometimes show rooms that are not reality. They are perfectly decorated and organized with not a thing out of place. Is this really reality? Can our homes always be picture perfect with everything in its place at all times? The answer is NO with a capital N & O! We live in our homes and depending on which season of life we are in will depend on what circumstances may be happening in our homes. For example, you are a young mother with young children. The reality is there will be toys lying around. As much as you tidy up and try to have a place for everything, toys will be lying around the room.

I once helped a young mom who wanted to get her living room back. It was filled with toys. We were able to accomplish that but that meant there were other parts of her home that had toys. Her children were young enough that they had the BIG “Little Tikes” toys. That’s almost an oxymoron. Big – Little Tikes! But these great toys for the young ones are big. There is no way around it. So the reality is there will be toys stationed in various places throughout the house. She was going to have to come to terms with there are kids in the house and instead of being frustrated with the toys, embrace this season of life.

So what actually needs to be accomplished before you can determine and purchase those fun containers? Well here are the steps: ECID

  1. Evaluate your situation to determine the following:
  • What in this room or area is working for you?
  • What in this room or area is not working?
  • What items in this room or area are essential for you to keep?
  • Ask yourself why you want to organize? Get this reason deep in your mind and heart because as you are in the midst of this project, you could potentially want to give up. Keeping your reason why before you will help you from giving up
  • Next ask yourself what has held you back? What issue or issues have deterred you from starting this project or even continuing if you have already begun?
  1. Create a plan to tackle your project
  • List the main activities that occur in this room or area
  • Create Zones (and remember like with like)
  • List the steps needed to take for this project. Break them down into manageable tasks.
  • Estimate the amount of time it will take to complete this room or area. Here are some estimates for rooms that might give you some guidance.

Bathroom ….… 2 – 4 hours

Basement …… 12 – 20 hours

Bedroom .……. 2 – 6 hours

Closet ………..… 2 – 8 hours

Dining Room..… 4 – 6 hours

Garage ………..12 – 20 hours

Home Office. 12 – 18 hours

Kids Room .….. 2 – 6 hours

Kitchen ….….… 4 – 8 hours

Living Room…. 3 – 6 hours

  1. Initiate! Yes, it’s as simple as that. How you initiate or begin is as follows:
  • You first will want to sort
  • Then you will purge all that you don’t want
  • Next you will determine a place where items belong (remember like with like)
  • Now is the time you will determine what containers you will need to purchase or even gather from other rooms of the house. Many times you will find that you already have what you need. Other times you will need to make some purchases.
  1. Design a plan to stay organized. This will be important. You will want to keep what you organized and not be back in the same situation as you were in before you started. This is important. Don’t neglect this last step.

So there you have it! It is quite simple when you break it down. But doing step #3 before you have completed Steps 1 & 2 will be a waste of time and money. Remember not to purchase containers before you decide what you want and where it will go.

Follow these easy 4 steps and you will have a more organized space and life, which will give you great peace.

And of course, if you don’t want to tackle this project on your own, I’m just a click away. I’d love to guide your through these 4 Simple Steps.

Your Organizing Expert … Believing in You!



  1. Your practical approach is just what we need to be successful in our organizing projects. It’s true that we don’t need more containers. Just better decisions!

  2. Great post Regina! I love the ‘Big Little Tikes’ example. I totally get it with my 3-year-old! You do have to sometimes embrace things for a season of life or during transitions.

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