Organizing Your Suitcase!

It’s that time of year when the kids are out of school and families are beginning to take their adventures for the summer. Packing for that adventure can be a tedious and time-consuming task … especially if you have a family greater than two.KofferV3

Well here are 12 Tips to help you eliminate the frustrations that come with packing.

  1. Use a Duffel Bag not a hard suitcase if at all possible. Duffel bags tend to hold more items because packing tightly is an option. They have the ability to expand whereas a hard suitcase is restrictive.
  2. Don’t over pack. Be selective about what you take. Think about all the times you packed way too many clothes only to come home with half the suitcase having un-warn clothes. I know I have.
  3. Roll your clothes. Rolling your clothes gives you more room to pack tightly (I would say stuff but that doesn’t sound appealing). Plus rolling can save your clothes from wrinkling too much.
  4. Pack in cubes … especially items like lingerie. This saves a tremendous amount of space.
  5. Stuff the inside of your shoes with smaller items such as sunglasses, phone charger, etc.
  6. Put shoes in shoe bags or plastic Ziploc Bags. This way you don’t have to worry about your worn/dirty shoes getting your clothes dirty.
  7. Be sure to bring a trash bag for your dirty clothes. It’s better than packing your dirty clothes back in the suitcase.
  8. Package your toiletries in separate bags just incase there are leaks. If you can put them in a separate suitcase that would be ideal. But if you only want one suitcase, it’s imperative that you put these items in a Ziploc type bag.
  9. Store your inexpensive jewelry in a “7 Day Plastic Pill Box.”
  10. Prepare a small First Aid Kit containing items such as Tylenol or Motrin, Band Aids and Antiseptic … and don’t forget the earplugs.
  11. Keep valuables and important documents together and protected. Place them in a plastic bag to avoid spills or getting wet.
  12. Don’t forget to pack snacks, reading materials and games for the kids.

Hope these Packing Tips will help you make your packing go more smoothly and stress free. Off you go now … a packing!

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  1. I especially appreciate your ideas for a first aid kit. It’s amazing how these small things make travel much easier. There’s lots of tips on here that will make a difference.

  2. These are wonderful tips. I love tip number 3 – rolling your clothes. My son in the Navy taught me that trick. It really saves space and keeps the clothes from wrinkling!

  3. Great tips! I really like #9. The pill boxes usually have days of the week written on them too. So, if you setup outfits, it will also help connect your jewelry with the other outfit pieces. Thanks for sharing.

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