Quick and Easy Office Organizing Tips

Do you need some quick and easy tips on getting your office organized? Follow these:

1. Schedule time to focus on just organizing this space. Don’t make phone calls. Don’t check emails. Don’t do anything except focus on this project.
2. Remember your desk is your prime real estate. Do not have anything on your desk that you don’t need on a daily basis.
3. Create 3 zones. Zone 1 or your Inner Zone is the area on your desk for items needed every day. These items should be in arm’s reach.
4. Zone 2 or the Middle Zone is the area where you keep your reference items. You don’t need these items every day but frequently enough.
5. Zone 3 or the Outer Zone is the area where you store your archived items. Items you refer to infrequently. They are usually not kept in your office.
6. Use Bankers Boxes to store older files or those Zone 3 items that you don’t need immediate access to. It’s best to store them outside of your office.
7. Gather all your papers and create piles (not to be left this way). Put like with like.
8. Keep in mind that everything has a place and if it doesn’t right now you need to create a place for it or remove it from your office.
9. Every piece of paper requires an action. Is it a To Do, To File or to Toss/Shred?
10. Create a filing system that works for you. If you are having difficulty knowing what type will work for you, this is where a Professional Organizer can help.They will help you create a system that works specifically for your way of functioning.
11. Avoid creating permanent piles. It’s best to hang folders vertically. Piles are not your friend (except in your initial organizing).
12. When you create your hanging file system, keep the tabs in a straight line as opposed to diagonally tabbing them. Having them in a straight line is easy for your eyes to scan to find the needed file.
13. Place at least one item that will help you de-stress when needed. It could be a radio, your favorite picture or quote or a stress ball.
14. Once you get your space organized, be sure to take 10-15 minutes each day tiding up so you are ready with a clean and organized work space for the next day.

As always, if the process seems overwhelming, consult with a Professional Organizer who can help you go from Chaos to Order!

Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!

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