Quick Decluttering Steps!

Dry Cleaning HangersSometimes our schedules can be so full we just don’t have the time to begin an organizing project.  Well here are some ideas of items to be purged that will take but only a few minutes.  Pick a room a week, take 15 – 20 minutes and gather the items on the list below and purge.  You will feel awesome!


Plastic restaurant or stadium cups

Expired coupons

Out-of-date menus

Receipts from the grocery store

Receipts from fast-food restaurants

Recipes that are too difficult, cost too much or can be too time consuming

Dishes you NEVER use

Vases from flowers delivered

Recipes book you have NEVER used or OPENED in several years



Hangers that your dry cleaning was received on

Sweaters that are pilling

Shoes that hurt, you’ve out grown or are really worn

Clothes that have stains that you CANNOT remove

Broken or worn costume jewelry



Expired vitamins (health issue)

Expired medications (health issue)

Ripped or torn towels and sheets

Cosmetics that are old and have not been used in years (health issue)


Family Room/Playroom

Broken VCRs or DVDs

Trophies from YOUR childhood

Broken toys that cannot be fixed; PLEASE DO NOT DONATE BUT TOSS

Outdated computer equipment or technology (movie cameras, etc)

Old/unused cell phones

Computer games, video games, floppy disks, old CDs, cassettes

Paper-back books that you have NO interest in reading again.

Photos you don’t love, can’t recognize or are blurry



Home Office

Junk mail

Old greeting cards that you will NEVER send

Schedules and invitations to events that have passed OR you have no plans on attending

Instruction manuals and warranties for items that you no longer own or that are broken

Business cards from individuals that you cannot remember who they are

Solicitations for donations that you DO NOT plan on giving to

Schoolwork that is not treasured or important

Brochures for vacation places you DO NOT ever plan on vacationing at



Dried up cans of paint

Plastic flower pots that plants came in when you purchased them

Old oil

Old pesticides

Broken garden tools

Broken “outside” toys

Old car parts

Tires beyond repair

Think of the peace you will bring into your environment by taking these simple steps.

Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!

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