Residential Organization

tulips in an organized home

There is nothing worse than a home in chaos.  Our homes are to be a safe haven. A place where we come to at the end of each day to unwind, relax and replenish our energies to then go out again into the World of busyness! Is your home doing that for you?

If not, let me come and help you. I have the ability to intuitively see your situation through your eyes and share your perspective. But the key is I won’t leave you there! I will create a system that will work for you and your family specifically. No two families are alike. So no two systems are the same. It will be tailor made to your family.

What areas can I help bring peace, order and serenity?

  • Kitchens
  • Closets
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Desk/Files
  • Home Offices
  • Pantries
  • Whole house or any combination of the above
  • Work with the Chronically Disorganized *

* Based on the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD)

Contact me now and I will bring peace, joy and tranquility back into your home! Call me at 860-874-8515 or email me at 

And if you won’t make the move NOW by calling…then WHEN?

My husband loved the new office! And it’s still mostly intact lol.

We are very interested in having you come back to help sort our paperwork but our schedules are insane the next couple of weeks. As soon as things calm down, we will touch base again and figure out what’s next.

Thanks again for an amazing job!

Alicia B (CT)

” You really helped me accomplish a lot in a small amount of time.  I feel more calm and in control!  Thank you!”

M.A. Gomez (Enfield, CT)

“Since moving into my apartment two years ago, I have been anxious and fearful about having people here.  Now I have peace and happiness regarding my home!  It finally feels like I live here!”

Lynn R. (Berlin, CT)

“Spoke to Betty this evening…she says you were able to help her a lot and worth every penny and more! I am really happy this worked out. Betty has been a friend for 27+years…she really has a heart of gold- she has been very kind to me and my family. Thank you for helping her and working with her and keeping within her budget.”

Sue T. (West Hartford, CT)

“I finally decided to hire a Professional Organizer because one never knows if one will have the time needed to do the work themselves. Now because I hired Regina, my Entertainment Center is now in order and my bookcases are no longer over flowing. She is coming back to tackle my storage room!”

Betty Schmidt (Berlin, CT)

“We live in a beautiful luxury apartment complex and I am retired. My husband is very neat and I think of you often when I’m organizing/keeping organized our place. You were so wonderful when you worked on my apartment… not just with helping me clean and organize but your sweet and gentle nature was a godsend for me. Now I try very hard to treat everyone with an extra bit of kindness. And I am so happy! I hope your business is doing well and I hope every day for you is as wonderful as you are!”

Carol (Simsbury, CT)

Residential Professional Organizer Packages

Please call for Prices

Phone Consult – No Charge

Getting You Started1 — Half Day Package 

Keeping you Moving3 — Half Day Packages*

Half Days are up to 4 hours of organizing time

* Must be prepaid

No refunds on packages

On-Site Full Assessment/Do It Yourself(Assessment will include organizing recommendations, tips and strategies in a full report)

Shopping Assistant

Shredding Services

Referral Program

If you refer someone to Regina Sanchez, Professional Organizer, and referral has paid for first appointment, you will receive a $25 Gift Card. (Minimum of 4 hours must be booked).