Saving at the Grocery Store?

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Organizing Tip #22

You have all heard the statement “never grocery shop hungry.” Why? Because you will tend to purchase more than you really need … and you tend to purchase more junk food or sweets.

But another way to avoid overspending is by creating a menu of meals for the week. Before you go to the grocery store, create a calendar and write what meal you want to prepare for each given night. Then be sure you have the ingredients for those meals. Whatever ingredient you are missing, put on your grocery list. Meal planning also makes it easier each day as you don’t have to think about what to make. It’s on the calendar. Just go to the freezer the night before and take out what you have planned on your calendar. If last minute things come up and that particular meal will be difficult that evening, then switch them around. I always plan quick and simple meals a couple days of the week. I also plan on making a meal that could last for some leftovers.

Planning always saves time and will make life easier. Now go and get your calendar, maybe a cookbook or two and start planning your meals for the week. You’ll be glad you did.


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