Should I Hire A Professional Organizer?

Who remembers the days of The Brady Bunch or Leave it to Beaver? Business-Office-beforeAlice knew how to keep Carol and Mike Brady’s home in tiptop shape. June Cleaver was the model wife with a spotless home. One that was accomplished in high heals shoes. Those days are no longer here and really were they ever? Sure there are some families that can afford a full time housekeeper but for those of us who can’t, we are left with a battery of responsibilities for keeping our homes in order.

Life is full with working, raising our families, getting the kids to extra curricular activities, helping with homework, being in the sandwich generation … and the list goes on. When life is so full ,something has to give and on many home fronts it’s the organization of our homes.

Or you could be a full time stay at home mom and still be overwhelmed with the maintaining of your home. Does that make you any less of a person? Absolutely not. Sometimes we need that outside assistance to help us gain perspective on situations in our home.

Then there is the working professional who might not have children but still has a very demanding profession that requires long hours and out of town travel.   Something in their life has to give and it could be the organization of their home.

Grandma and Grandpa need to consider downsizing and don’t know what to do with 50 plus years of “treasures” in their home. They feel overwhelmed and can’t even begin to think on how they would get started. All their children are either too busy or out of town. Outside help would be beneficial here.

As a business owner, we wear all hats especially in the early years. If we don’t have the skill or mind to organize things, our businesses can get out of hand. Piles of paper can overwhelm us and we can’t figure out how to bring structure to our desk let alone our office.

Hiring a Professional Organizer doesn’t just have to fall into the category of “disaster only” situations. The spectrum can be from busy professionals to busy stay at home moms. Here are a few thoughts that might aid you in answering the question … “Do I need to hire a Professional Organizer?”

  1. Do you find you are continually late for appointments?
  2. Do you feel increased levels of stress and less energy?
  3. Do you feel unsure of your business expectations?
  4. Do you spend a great deal of time looking for things?
  5. Do you now have a new desk and its kitchen or dining room table because your office has now overflowed there?
  6. Do you have trouble putting systems in place or sticking to them when you do?
  7. Do you have too much “stuff” and no place to put it?
  8. Do you hesitate inviting people into your home because you are embarrassed by the clutter?
  9. Do you own a 2-car garage but only park one car or none inside?
  10. Do you waste money-buying items you currently have because you just can’t find them?
  11. Do you get overwhelmed every time you try to organize or straighten up your home or office?
  12. Do you get anxious when you look at all that needs to be done?
  13. Do you have a playroom and all the toys are constantly scattered all over the room?
  14. Do you have piles of paperwork on top of counters, tables or even the floor?
  15. Do you have “technology overload” and don’t know how to manage them all?
  16. Do you have an abundance of icons on your desktop?
  17. Do you have a lot of “late” charges to your bills because you miss paying them on time?
  18. Do you suffer from ADD or ADHD?
  19. Do your days feel overwhelming, running one into another with little time for enjoyment?
  20. Do you have a library of “organizational” books but still a disorganized home?

If you’ve answered yes to even one of these questions, then perhaps you could benefit from hiring a professional organizer. We are trained and skilled at looking at a disorganized situation and finding the resolution that best meets your specific needs. No two situations are the same.

So if you would like some resolution to you disorganized situation, let’s connect. I will bring peace into your home and profitability into your business.

Next week we’ll talk about how you go about finding the right organizer for you!

Your Organizing Expert … Believing in You!

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