Simplest Way to Keep Organized!

Organizing Tip #20 is so simple and quick for our Get Organized Month!

Would you like the easiest, simplest, quickest way to stay organized? Well here it is ….


Once you are done using an item, put it immediately away. Don’t put the item down anywhere other than the place it belongs. Sometimes we think we don’t have the time to put something back in it’s proper place and we just leave it right where we used it. But that’s a lie you have believed. To place that item where it belongs, really only takes a second or two.

So starting now, make a commitment to put everything in its proper place once you are done using it.

Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!


  1. So true Joanne. It’s that fine line of teaching, disciplining and setting up household rules without being a nag. But the truth is they will one day appreciate it!!

  2. I always catch myself saying “I will just put this here for now” and I do talk about this with others as really the first step is having an awareness of our behaviours.

  3. Exactly Kim. And we think if we just place it “here” for a moment, we will get it later. When in fact, the day gets away from us and we just create piles. So yes, awareness of our behavior is first step. Next is to decide you want to change. If individuals don’t want to change, no matter how well we present a plan to them, it will be ineffective.

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