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Recently, I’ve been doing some major reflection on issues in my life. There have been days when I feel like I’m on overload and my brain can’t take much more. Being a business owner and a single mom whose sole income supports the household has at times put me in “driven mode.” You know what that means. You keep going and going and going because you feel desperate, scared, concerned and overwhelmed. I have felt all of those feelings on and off for a few years.


About 2 months ago I decided I needed to take my business to the next level by incorporating my Professional Organization business and Health and Wellness Coaching and bring them together under one “roof.” So I signed up for Marie Forleo’s B-School. Intense training and some days I feel like “open mouth, turn on fire hose.” Training is great but can be intense.


So my reflections these past few weeks have brought me to a place of now wanting to “simplify my life!” My training will end in a few weeks and I’ve decided that I will take a brake from any further training. I need to review and then review and then again review what I was taught and incorporate what applies.   Then take a break … simplify life!


We live in a world that makes it so easy to become entangled in so much; entanglements with projects, events, and possessions. We do live in a nation of material possessions and the more we acquire the more time we spend taking care of all of them.


I read an article recently where the author stated how we have become a nation of maintenance men. I loved that statement. Think about it.   Look at the things we need to maintain:

  • Our homes (and for some it’s more than one)
  • Our contents in our homes
  • Our yards
  • Our automobiles
  • Our hair
  • Our nails (for women)
  • Our clothes
  • Our hobbies
  • Our collections
  • Our pets
  • Our activities
  • Our electronics … and the list goes on


It then leaves us little time to enjoy our family or friends … and even our pets. It leaves us little time to grow our spiritual lives by spending time with God. It leaves us little time to just sit with ourselves and get our bodies to unwind … to move from the sympathetic system into the parasympathetic system (that system that relaxes us).


But you might say, “There is nothing I can eliminate in my life. Everything is important!” Really? Do you really believe that? What if, God forbid, you came down with an illness and were bedridden? Then all those things would not get maintained would they? You’d either have to let them go or bring someone in to help maintain them. But then you’ve just added another thing to maintain … the maintenance of your helper.


So how would you begin to simplify your life? What steps could you take to get there? What would you use to determine what needs to go?


There truly is no one answer or no “5 Steps to Simplify Your Life.” It truly is person specific. But one of the first things you can do is get quiet with yourself. If you are a Believer and spend time with God, then do that. Get in prayer with Him and ask Him to help you look at the things in your life and show you what you can eliminate and cut out. If you are not, then just get quiet and listen to that inner voice tell you what really needs to go. Our bodies know what’s best for us. Sometimes we just don’t listen.


Ask yourself why you have allowed your life to be on overload? Is it because you are lonely and you are filling it with things? Could it be you have a hurt that has not healed and the pain of it is too much to bear so you are masking it with things or activities? Try to get to the root cause. Uncover the really meaning. Once you know the truth … the truth will set you free and you can begin to create a strategy to make change.


For me I’ve decided that I am taking a break from signing up for any additional training. I’ve been doing “homework” now for a number of years and need a break. I need to start having “fun” in the evenings or on the weekends and not sitting on my computer doing work.


I need to start reading books for fun … not for training.


I need to start working on all my craft projects that I have wanted to do.


I need to start meeting new people and making new friends.


I need to start going room-by-room and “pairing down” on my belongings

and simplify what I need to take care of and maintain.


I have to say I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to this next adventure and next season of my life … what does God have in-store for me? Not sure but I’ll keep you posted.


So how about you? Are you feeling like there are things you need to be doing to simplify your life? Share below. If you feel this Blog post was helpful and know someone who could benefit from it, please share it with them. You could help change a life.

Your Health, Wellness and Organizing Expert … Believing in You!

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