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Let’s continue focusing on the preparation of your home as fall is coming upon us. Last week we talked about our kitchen. Hope you were able to apply some, if not all of those suggestions.Untitled

Today I want to give you some overall ideas that can be applied to any room of your home. They are simple and straightforward.

  1. Give one item away per day. After one year, you will have purged 365 items. Now if you keep your acquisition of items coming into your home at bay, you will see a significant difference in the area of clutter.
  2. Take one large trash bag or leaf bag. Walk from room to room and find items that belong in the trash. We all have them. We have those menus from restaurants stuffed in drawers that we “think” we’ll visit. Or we have those recipes we “think” we’ll make one day. Or even the articles we ripped out magazines because we “thought” we would read it one day. Just throw them in the garbage bag. If you haven’t tried it, read it or bought from there, by now, you probably won’t in the future.
  3. Take the 8-8-8 Challenge! Find 8 items to donate, 8 items to throw away and 8 items that need to be placed where they belong. Do this on a monthly basis and you will have put a big dent in your clutter.

I hope these 3 simple organizing suggestions will help propel you into having a more organized home. An organized home definitely brings peace into your environment.

If this project still feels overwhelming to you, then by all means call a Professional Organizer.   We are trained to bring that peace into your home.

Your Organizing Expert … Believing in You!



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