Single Focus!

You are moving along in our Get Organized Month!  We are already moving along to Organizing Tip #16.

Simple task to get you started with your files and preparing them for 2015!

Go to your file drawer and pull out the messiest, least organized folder. Spend 15-20 minutes getting that folder organized. Remove and shred what’s not needed any longer. Put it in a new folder (colored folders are fun) and create a label (if you have a nifty label maker).

Once you place the folder back in the file drawer, make the commitment that you will keep that folder neat and organized.

Then put on your calendar another time to take the next messy folder out and go through the same process. Be sure to put it in a new folder and label it.

Before you know it you will have gone through this whole file draw and will have a neat and orderly filing system.

Ok … now begin!

Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!

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