Some Strategies to Get Organized!

When our homes are cluttered and we feel overwhelmed by it, we can become paralyzed and then don’t do number-437928_1920anything to make changes or to unclutter.

When we look at the job and tell ourselves that the project is so big, we then wait until we have a really BIG segment of time to do the task. There never seems to be that segment of time so we put it off thinking maybe next week or next month we’ll have the time.

These “reasons” only result in our space still being cluttered. Which then leads to some frustration and/or depression and again trying to tackle the clutter only to find ourselves full circle back where we started … in a cluttered mess.

Some people are born with the DNA to be organized. But if that DNA is not in you, then no worries. It is and can be a learned skill.

Sometimes getting started small is the way to help us chip away at the clutter in our homes. Taking these small steps can propel you into a life of organization!

Here’s a list of 10 things you can consider doing to bring some order into your home.

  1. Magazines – If you have magazines you do not read, then unsubscribe and stop having them sent to your home. Give yourself or your family a limit as to how many different subscriptions you will keep … 3 is a good number depending on how many family members are in your family. When the next Edition comes in and you have not read the prior one, toss the old one. Only keep the current copy. If a month has gone by and you haven’t read it, chances are you won’t.
  2. Plastic Food Containers – How many of these do we really need? First, be sure there are tops for all the bottoms or all bottoms for all tops. All extras, toss. Keep no mis-matches. After you have matched bottoms with tops, evaluate if your really need the amount of storage containers you have. Consider donating what you don’t use or use them in the garage or basement for other storage items.
  3. Eyeglasses – How many sets of eyeglasses do you really need? I recently helped my mother clean out her dresser drawer. She had 5 pairs of eyeglasses. Ugh why hold onto that many? Perhaps you can hold onto the prior prescription to keep it as a back up. All others donate to the Lions Club.
  4. Travel Mugs – Really how many travel mugs does one need? Each family member really only need one. Wash it at the end of each day so it is ready for the next day. Be rid of the excess.
  5. Technology Boxes – Do you keep your boxes for your Smartphones, Laptop, Computers, TVs and small appliances? Keep the original box for what you could sell someday such as your Smartphone or Computer. But really get rid of those TV boxes, appliance boxes, winter boots box or that old Nintendo box.   No need to hold onto boxes for the sake of having it. Be rid of it.
  6. Hotel soaps, shampoos and lotions – I once had a client that traveled a lot and she had boxes and boxes of these items. It would take years before she could ever make full use of them. Hold onto a few for your travel needs and consider donating the rest. There are ministries that help the homeless and these small size products are very much appreciated.
  7. Rags – I remember when my dad’s underwear or undershirts wore out.   We used them as rags. The only problem was we would wash them after we used them so we had piles of them. Hold a few and toss the rest.
  8. Plastic Grocery Bags – Ugh this really is my pet peeve. I hate these bags. People feel a need to store them and end up with an abundance of them. My dad’s caregivers were holding onto them for personal uses with my dad. Well there ended up being 5 large garbage bags full of them. Crazy. We would never go through them all. Just took up space. Recycle them.
  9. Pencils and Pens – Oh how we love those freebies.   Attend a conference or trade show and pens seem to be the thing that gets given away. How many pens does one family really need? Decide on a number and donate the rest. Have a few pens/pencils strategically placed in your house for ease of use and then get rid of the rest.
  10. Mason/Ball Jars – This is an area that we seem to collect. They can come in handy as a flower vase. But if you do not can, then really how many do you really need? If you are not a canner, keep a few for flowers and donate the rest. Clear out those cabinets.

These 10 ideas are simple and quick but can make a difference in your home. Tackle one a day or one per week and you will begin to see changes in your home.

Need help getting started even with these simple tasks?   Then perhaps you need the help of a Professional Organizer!  Give me a call for a free phone consultation!


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