Soon to Be Released New Teaching Series!

Why is having a spiritual life important to your overall health?

  • It will ease the stress in your life when you believe in the God who created the Universe. Less stress equals stronger immune system.
  • Is a way to receive guidance, wisdom, and answers to life’s difficult situations. Less stress equals stronger immune system.
  • It gives you the ability to live in a form of “rest” where you are guided by the peace of God in all of life’s issues. Peace equals no stress. No stress equals stronger immune system.
  • You can have access to divine healing based on the promises of God. You can learn to live in divine health.

I’ve always had God in my life but for many years He was a “back burner” God.  I only focused on Him when difficult situations came upon me.  It wasn’t until 30 years ago that I made a heartfelt decision to be serious about my relationship with my Heavenly Father, but it’s taken many years, many mistakes and much spiritual learning to understand what having a relationship with the God who created me really was.

Well, I am about to release a new teaching series about all I’ve learned these past 30 years with my spiritual walk.  My prayer is that it will strengthen your spiritual life or give you one if you don’t have one.

Check out my Video/Podcast to hear more about this new “soon to be released” Program.  It will bless you.  I promise.

Video — Soon To Be Released Teaching with Video & Study Guide

Podcast — Soon to Be Released Teaching with Video & Study Guide

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!