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Topics to Speak On!

Would you like to invite Regina to speak at an Event?  Below are a list of topics she can educate your audience on! Click Here for a list of previous places she has spoken at.

Is it God’s Will That I Be Healed and Well?

This is such a controversial issue in the Christian community.  If it’s God’s will that we be healed and well, why didn’t my sister get healed?  Or why did my mother suffer from cancer and die?  These are valid questions.

This workshop will take you into what the Word says about healing and wellness … and you will discover The Father’s heart in this matter.  But I believe there is more than prayer involved in being well.  He wants us to partner with Him for that wellness and in this workshop you will learn how.  Participants will walk away with truth, a plan and encouragement to begin their process of health and wellness.

So Many Diets … How Do I Choose?

We are all bio-individuals and a diet that may work for one could possibly not work for another. There are over 100 different dietary theories out there. How do you choose the right one for you? In this Presentation, participants will learn that’s it’s not about the “diet” you choose but the “clean” foods that you eat. Know that if your Primary Foods (career, relationships, spirituality and physical activity) are out of sync, eating more broccoli is not what you initially need.

Your Most Dangerous Drug … Sugar!

There is a villain in your pantry.  What is that villain and how is it harming you? In this Workshop, participants will learn that sugar is toxic. They will understand what it is doing to their health? They will see that sugar affects their brain exactly the way cocaine does?  They will get the 146 reasons why sugar is ruining their health and how to detox their body from this dangerous craving. They will also learn how to find those hidden sugars and the new names they are given.

The High Cost of Clutter

Studies show that women who live amongst clutter have high cortisol levels. High cortisol levels affect your health in more ways than one. In this Presentation, participants will learn what those affects have on their health and how to turn it around. They will learn how to move from chaos to order and live in peace. Participants will be guided on how to bring order to their home and will leave with an action plan that they can immediately implement!

ABC’s of Photo Organizing

Do you have a lifetime of photos in drawers, bags or boxes? Have you inherited photos from your parents and don’t know what to do? Are some of your photos in albums and those photos are deteriorating? Are your digital photos overwhelming you? Do you take your digital photos off your phone and/or camera and back them up? This Presentation will teach you how to organize, preserve and share your precious memories! Participants will learn: The ABCs of Photo Organizing. What albums are safe and which are not? How to preserve your paper photos. The importance of backing up your digital photos … and more!

Organizing for the Holidays

Getting ready for the Holidays should be an enjoyable experience and not the mad rush of getting things done.  Organizing tips and points on how to prepare for the Holidays are offered along with some great “Gift Giving” ideas. Must be scheduled in October to be able to implement the Organizational Strategy.

Simplify Your Workday!

Do you begin each morning dreading the day ahead of you because it is filled with stress, confusion, paper overload and an unmanageable schedule?  This Presentation will help you learn how to take control of your day and not let your day take control of you!

Rightsizing the Next Season of Life!

Are you or a loved one in need of downsizing (I like to call it Rightsizing) your current home?  Do you wonder what to do with 50 plus years of “treasures?”  Do you wonder how you will decide what to keep, what to give away, and what to donate?  In this Presentation, you’ll find answers to these questions and more!

Taking Care of Your Prime Real Estate – Your Office!

This is a hands-on program designed to help individuals create Organizational Systems that will help them reach their goals in their work environment.  They will understand the 3 work “Zones” for their office/work area and how to create those zones. In this Presentation, participants are to bring their biggest organizational challenge and strategies will be given to help them reach their desired goal.

Organizing for the New Year!

At the beginning of each year, we think about making lifestyle changes to various areas of our lives. One of those areas is in organizing our homes. Would you like to make changes to your home so that your environment is organized and as a result will be peaceful? In this Presentation, participants will learn that it’s not about resolutions but about paradigm shifts in thinking, doing and maintaining.  Participants will learn how to make those paradigm shifts to create a home of peace. They will walk away with a game plan and “how to” begin the process.

Organizing for Disaster

Should a natural disaster strike and you experience damage to your home or are in need of evacuation, will you be ready and prepared?  This Presentation will guide homeowners on what they need to do to be prepared and organized in their home should that disaster strike.


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“Regina,  You are prolific and such an excellent writer, among your many other gifts. Before I got your last sentence I had already determined to write you and say how you have been a teacher to innumerable people in so many areas of life. And not just a teacher, but one of great impact, able to impart transformational wisdom, which effect spreads exponentially as one life touches another.”
Judy Lee, Somers, CT

“I just wanted to say thank you for the talk at Simsbury….I am now filling my boxes and “what goes in another room” is absolutely astonishing to me!
I love the idea of having treasures to bring out and rotate every few months. As a retired school teacher, after bulletin boards every month, it is fun!!!”

Peg S, Simsbury, CT

Regina’s de-cluttering presentation to a group of my clients was a huge hit, everyone loved it! The information she shared was invaluable, and the compassion she has for her own clients is clearly evident. I’m always very happy to recommend her services.

Nancy B. Fellinger, CFP®

Thank you so much for doing a great job with your presentation on Rightsizing.  The feedback that people are leaving is very positive and it definitely inspired them to get started on de-cluttering their home.

Residential Community