Strategy to Manage Digital Photos

There’s a saying that goes, “Shoemaker’s children are usually barefoot.”  Why is that?  Probably because the shoemaker is busy fixing other people’s shoes so he can make a living for his family.  Yet his family is important and should be tended to.

I myself had a little of that going on except it would read like this, “Photo Organizers are usually not organized in their photos.”  I’m embarrassed to say that was me and finally this Christmas vacation, I tended to it.

I have taken to really love my iPhone and the pictures it takes.  So many times, I’m just clicking away.  But I wasn’t following the advice I give my clients or teach at workshops.  Ugh, I was on digital overload and my iPhone was filling up.

Well during the Christmas Holiday I decided to practice what I preach … or at least teach.  I spent time going through the photos on my iPhone and deleting what I didn’t need to keep.  Then Air Dropping them to my MAC Laptop and backing them up on my external hard drive.

Do you know how many hours I spent doing this?  Even though I didn’t keep exact track of my time, let me say it was at least 10-15 hours.  I did it over the course of a few days because it was giving me brain fog to keep at it for so long.  Boy did I learn a valuable lesson.  So now these past two weeks, as soon as I take a picture, I tend to its purpose and even delete if it’s not worthy of keeping.  I will not put myself in that place again.  There were so many other fun things I could have been doing with those 10-15 hours.

What are those digital recommendations you should consider with your Smart Phone or Digital Camera?  Here’s what I’m following moving forward.

  1. As soon as I take a picture or pictures, I review them to see if it’s worth keeping. If it’s blurry or not a great shot, I immediately delete it.
  2. If it’s a photo that I want to keep on my phone, I immediately create a folder (or as iPhone calls it an Album) and move it there. If I don’t want to keep it on my phone but want to keep it, I leave in in Photos until Step 3.
  3. Then when I get home, I Air Drop it to my MAC Laptop and place it in a folder. If I’m not keeping it on my iPhone, then I delete it from my phone after it’s been moved to my Laptop.  (Note: Also, you need to remember to go to “Deleted Photos” and empty that area often.)
  4. Weekly, (at least I try) to back up my Laptop onto an External Hard Drive.
  5. Periodically, I will go through my file of photos on my Laptop and see if there are any that can be deleted.

It’s so much easier to tend to your photos each time you take them instead of waiting until you are on digital overload.  It truly only takes a couple of minutes versus the hours I spent this Holiday getting them in order.

Hope this inspires you to get on top of your Digital Photos if need be.  If the project seems too daunting to you, consider hiring a Photo Organizer.  Our expertise can help you get a handle on your photos AND even give you some suggestions on how you can enjoy what you’ve taken.  We have a saying in the Photo Organizing industry …

“Don’t let your child(ren) be a jpg!”

Your Health, Wellness & Organizational Coach … believing in you!

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