What’s the Status of Your Memory Card?

Organizing Tip #21 is switching gears for our Get Organized Month! Today I had the privilege of speaking at Simsbury Public Library on Leaving a Legacy. We had a lovely turnout and the audience participation was great. Today I want to switch gears from residential organizing to photo organizing. So I have a question for you. How often do you…

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Simplest Way to Keep Organized!

Organizing Tip #20 is so simple and quick for our Get Organized Month! Would you like the easiest, simplest, quickest way to stay organized? Well here it is …. PUT IT AWAY NOW! Once you are done using an item, put it immediately away. Don’t put the item down anywhere other than the place it belongs. Sometimes we think we…

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Continuing in the Closet!

Let’s continue in the closet as you get Organizing Tip #19 for Get Organized Month! Love this Organizing Tip from Professional Organizer Jane Toledo! Use water bottles in your tall boots to help them stand upright in your closet. This will enable you to stand them up neatly without falling over and taking up more room. Jane recommendations using “Smart”…

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Closet Overload!

Get Organized Month! Organizing Tip #18. Do you open or walk into your clothes closet and feel overwhelmed? Are there so many clothes that you have to force them to hang on the rack only to take it out again and have it be a wrinkled mess? Are there clothes hanging there that you haven’t worn in so long ……

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Are you experiencing a sense of frustration in your Get Organized Month and feel you want to just give up? Please don’t! Keep going. Press on, press in! It will be worth it. Enjoy this bit of encouragement in Organizing Tip #17. Two frogs fell into a can of cream or so I’ve heard it told. The sides of the…

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Single Focus!

You are moving along in our Get Organized Month!  We are already moving along to Organizing Tip #16. Simple task to get you started with your files and preparing them for 2015! Go to your file drawer and pull out the messiest, least organized folder. Spend 15-20 minutes getting that folder organized. Remove and shred what’s not needed any longer….

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Love, Own, Use, Keep, Store!

Get Organized Month! Tip # 15 – we are halfway through our 30 Days of Simple Organizing Tips! Hope you are enjoying receiving them each day but more importantly you are learning significant tips that are impacting your life, your family and your environment. Love what my fellow organizer Rick Woods stated in his new book Make Room for Clarity….

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Organizing Schoolwork for Your ADHD Child!

Get Organized Month!  Tip # 14 Do you have a child with ADHD and feel a continual sense of frustration with their schooling?  They are not be focused, have poor grades and simply a lack of motivation and attention? Then this article is for you.  It couldn’t be said more simply and concise. http://childrenwithadhd.net/organize-schoolwork-adhd-brain/ For additional support, click on the…

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Are Doubles Giving You Trouble?

Getting organized each step of the way during our Get Organized Month. Organizational Tip #13 revealed. DOUBLES ARE TROUBLE: You don’t need 2 can openers or 5 pairs of tweezers. TOSS DUPLICATES By Stephanie Sisco   Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!

Circle it!

Organizational Tip #12 for our Get Organized Month!   Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again. Organizing is a CIRCLE, not a straight line. ROLL WITH IT! By Stephanie Sisco   Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!