The Danger of Technology!

cloudsWith technology ever growing and our need for instant gratification, we have at our fingertips multiple ways to communicate and process information. On many levels it’s a wonderful thing. We can share our photos with family and friends via DropBox or Google Drive. Or if many individuals are on a committee working on a project, they can put all the documents on those venues and everyone can have access whenever or wherever they are. Or even using emails with attachments can make our life that much easier.

Technology has advanced so exponentially that at times it’s hard to keep up with all the advances. Utilizing all this great technology has made our jobs and our lives easier, smoother and at times even fun. But putting aside all the great uses of technology, I feel there is something to warn you about and that is what you transfer via the “clouds”. Unfortunately, we live in a world where some individuals make a living by hacking and stealing other people’s private information. An area to be very cautious of is scanning documents and sending them via email. Be sure when you do this that there is not confidential information such as social security numbers embedded in your documents. Emails are not secure. How many times has your email been hacked? Mine has a number of times. Having documents, in the clouds with your SS#, could be placed in the hands of the wrong individual risking your identity.

So as convenient and wonderful as technology can be, really think about what is being sent via the clouds and be sure are you not putting your identity at risk.

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  1. Having had his identity stolen once, my husband has always been very reluctant to put anything in the cloud. I understand, it was practically a part-time job to get it all straightened out. I think this is an excellent reminder to be cautious….

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