Tools Aren’t Just for Building Homes

Inside a wooden shed containing gardening equipmentI remember years ago in my homeschooling days attending a Conference in Orlando, FL.  The Florida Conference was always a wonder Conference to attend.  Of course it was in a wonderful Resort with much to do during non-Conference time.  But the attendance at the Conference was well over 10,000 people and the vendors and speakers were outstanding.

I remember Chris Davis, from The Elijah Company, teaching a Workshop.  It was so long ago that I don’t remember the name of the Workshop but I’ve never forget his words.  In this specific Workshop, he was addressing Dads and telling them how important it was to give moms the tools they needed to teach their children effectively.  He also instructed Dads to understand that if a specific curriculum was chosen and it wasn’t working, to realize something new would need to be purchased and there needed to be a budget for “mistakes.”

Chris also stressed the importance of giving our children the tools they needed in order to experiment with the passion they were gravitating towards.  One of his sons loved computers.  He made sure his son had the best of the best so he could develop his skill and passion.  At a very young age, Chris’ son was consulting people throughout the world on specific areas of programing.  Tools are important.

So regardless of what organizational project you want to tackle, having the right tools on hand are as important as having a hammer and nails for building a home. By gathering the right tools before tackling any project, you will increase the likelihood for success.

Some important tools to get jobs done include:

  • Cleaning products, brooms, mops, rags, and garbage bags for thoroughly cleaning areas in the home.
  • Folders, files, paper clips, rubber bands, file boxes, pens, and labels for sorting clutter in an office
  • Rakes, trowels, leaf bags, pruners, fertilizer, and garden gloves for yard work
  • Bins for separating items such as: To Toss, To Shred, To Bring to Another Room

Here is a list of some Organizers favorite tools that help them keep their day organized:

  • Shredder
  • Scanner to work towards being paperless.
  • Smart phone or computer for maintaining schedules
  • Franklin Covey Planner for those organizers who like paper
  • Label Maker
  • Binders to keep projects in
  • Sticky Notes
  • Re-positional Write-On Tabs
  • Peg Boards to hang everything in your office, your kitchen, or your kids rooms
  • Shoe Box size plastic boxes
  • Dry Erase Decals for keeping grocery lists and tracking leftovers

You will soon see that tools aren’t just for building homes.  Tools are also for keeping those homes running well and the people within those homes productive and happy.

Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!



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