Top 4 Reasons That Will Keep You Disorganized!

Reason #1 – “I’m Just Not An Organized Person”

That’s ok. This definitely is a skill that can be learned. Some people are naturally organized and its just part of their DNA.   But others aren’t. There are many resources for you to learn. They can be books, blogs or Office Worker with Mountain of PaperworkYouTube videos. If that’s not enough then perhaps the help of a good Professional Organizer will help teach you this skill. Think about exercise. Some people are really skilled, knowledgeable and motivated to exercise. I definitely am not. So to get me going with an exercise program, I had to hire a Personal Trainer. She worked with me and taught me exercises that I now feel more comfortable doing. Additionally, hiring a Professional Organizer helps you to stay accountable on the project you wish to complete. We can help you stay on track and aid you in completely your goal.

Reason #2 – “I Don’t Have Time”

So many people say those words but the bottom line is we all have the same 24 hours in one day and it depends what we put as our priorities. If organizing is really something you want to accomplish, then you will have to make the decision that you want to accomplish this task and put it on the calendar. It doesn’t have to be a full day.   You could breakdown the project in smaller segments and spend an hour here or there accomplishing it. First step is making the decision to begin. Second step is to put time on your calendar.

Reason #3 – “I Don’t Have Enough Space”

Many times my clients have more “stuff” than space. This is very common. But the reality is in most cases it’s not the space but the “stuff.” A Professional Organizer can help guide you making decisions as to what you want to keep and what will help you get to your goal. Usually some of the “stuff” has to go.

Reason #4 – “If I Can’t See it, I’ll Forget to Do It”

I definitely hear this many times … especially from those who have to work around their ADD issues. Let’s think about this and look at it logically. If we were to keep everything we need to tend to out on a counter or desk, we clearly would have a mess and eventually piles of papers that we don’t even know what’s in the piles. It really is unrealistic to keep “everything out” just to remember to tend to it. I NEVER have worked with a client that makes that statement, follows it and is organized. They end up with piles of messes only to become even more frustrated.

Think about this. Where are your clothes or your dishes or your cleaning products? Do you have every piece of clothes lying out on your bedroom floor so you remember to wear them? Or are all your dishes on top of the counter so you remember to use them? I bet they aren’t and you still know where to get the dishes when you need them or where to make clothes choices each morning. So, having all your papers and items out to be visible is not necessary and you are only deceiving yourself. With the help of a Professional Organizer, a system will be created that would meet your needs.

So look at any of the Top 4 reasons that keep individuals disorganized and see if you use any of them. Make a decision to scrap those words and begin a plan to overcome these obstacles and get organized. If tackling this on your own it too hard, then consider hiring a Professional Organizer. We are here to help.


Your Organizing Expert … Believing in You!


  1. I hear #4 all the time, and as you say, it just doesn’t work. In fact, things that are “out” often get piled on, and then it is much easier to lose track of them than if they were “away” in an organized place. I tell people that eyes make a lousy “to do” list. Put the supplies were you can find them, and then keep the list in a planning tool.

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