Virtual Organizing

Do you desire to hire a Professional Organizer but one is not close to where you live?

Are you a “Do It Yourself” person but just need some direction, guidance and support?

Do you have an organizing need but not necessarily the budget to hire a Professional Organizer?

Are you motivated to make some changes in your home and/or office and have a teachable spirit?

Do you have a project that needs to be done quickly and are short on time?

Are you a good communicator and able to communicate when frustrated, overwhelmed or just stuck?

Do you read a lot of Organizing Books but still aren’t sure how to implement what you’ve read?

Then perhaps Virtual Organizing is for you!


Virtual Organizing is an organizing service that is provided for you via technology such as telephone, Skype, FaceTime, Video Chat, etc.

You get the benefit of my expertise and knowledge but you do the physical work yourself or with the help of family or friends.



  • Have the ability to work well with technology on your phone, computer or tablet?
  • Have reliable Internet service?
  • Have a busy schedule and don’t have time for longer sessions in-person?
  • Have a STRONG commitment to your organized goal and willing to follow instructions?
  • Have the motivation to keep you going to reach your organized goal?
  • Have the ability to work on your own after given direction, advice and encouragement?
  • Have the ability to do the physical part of organizing yourself or with the help of family and friends?
  • Have a number of organizing projects but need someone to hold you accountable?

Then perhaps Virtual Organizing is for you!


  1. Initial 30 minute call – no charge to determine if Virtual Organizing is right for you
  2. We work together via Skype, FaceTime or the telephone. Calls are 30 – 50 minutes long.
  3. Schedule calls based on Virtual Organizing Package chosen.

Program Options:

One Time Assessment (one call for 60 minutes with full report given)

Getting Started(2 calls per month 30 – 50 minutes long)

Keeping You Moving(4 calls per month 30 – 50 minutes long)

NOTE:  Additional calls can be purchased outside the packaged times

  1. During the calls we will discuss what were your successes from our prior session, what were your pitfalls, what will be your next steps and assignments to be completed for the next session.
  2. In between our Sessions you will receive email support to move you along in your organizing project.
  3. Once you reach your goal, you will receive a special Thank You Gift congratulating you on your success!

I will help you:

  • Create the environment you are looking for
  • Be there to solve problems as they arise
  • Guide you each step of the way
  • Coach you with love, kindness and encouragement
  • Teach you how to continue having the place of peace, rest and joy in your space

Why Am I The One to Help You?

  • I am certified as a Health & Wellness Coach and understand the concept of helping clients reach their goals.
  • I have the ability to “see with my ears.”
  • I have the ability to teach you how to take on the skill of being organized
  • I have the ability to communicate what you need to do to accomplish your goal
  • I have the gift of encouragement and will help you each step of the way to reach this goal.

So what do you think?  Is Virtual Organizing for you?  You won’t know until you pick up the phone and call or complete the Contact Me Form by clicking this link Yes I Want to Hear More About Virtual Organizing

Looking forward to helping you reach your Organizing Goal.  I’ll believe in you!