We All Need to Apply Self-Care!

When I work with clients, I highly recommend that they take time for “self-care.”  I may meet with a client who said they didn’t do any of my homework and actually the day they thought they would do it, they rested instead.  There is this sense of guilt in admitting it to me.  My response is, “Great!  I’m glad you listened to your body.”

We are so conditioned to keep doing and never allow ourselves time to recoup, rejuvenate and replenish our souls and bodies.  Society makes us think that being busy is a preferred state of being and having downtime is nonproductive boredom.  For me, I operate with my clients in a “no judgement zone” and would never release condemnation when they tell me that haven’t moved forward in their project.  I may speak truth but never to condemn.

We all need down time.  We all need me time.  We all need to take a deep breath and replenish our thinking, our creativity and our energy.  But sometimes we don’t even know what to do to administer “self-care” to ourselves.  Well to guide you, I’ve created a list of ideas that might help propel you some ideas what you can do to enjoy time with yourself.

  1. Buy some flowers
  2. Bake something delicious and eat it without guilt
  3. Call a friend
  4. Color or draw
  5. Create your own coffee break
  6. Do some gentle stretches
  7. Drive somewhere new
  8. Eat a meal in silence
  9. Enjoy your body – God created it
  10. Find a relaxing scent – essential oil – not artificial fragrant
  11. Fly a kite
  12. Go for a run
  13. Go for a walk
  14. Go to a Farmers Market
  15. Go to a lake or ocean
  16. Go to a park
  17. Go to bed early
  18. Let go of something – especially if its causing stress in your life
  19. Let out a sigh and do deep breathing exercises
  20. Light a candle
  21. Listen to music
  22. Mediate on God’s Word
  23. Move twice as slow – stop rushing
  24. Paint on something other than paper
  25. Pet a furry animal
  26. Put on some music and dance – by yourself!
  27. Read a book
  28. Read or watch something funny
  29. Read poetry
  30. Rest your legs up a wall
  31. Sit outside and enjoy God’s creations (nature)
  32. Take a bath

Do you struggle with applying self-care to yourself and would you like to talk it through?  Then please reach out and let’s have a 30-minute phone consult.  That would be my gift to you.  Contact Me.  I’d be honored to help you put some value back in your life. You are valuable!

Your Health, Wellness & Organizational Coach …. Believing in You!






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