What Is So Great About Memories?

Memories are so important to us and more specifically to families. They are what could strengthen a family DSC_0008or keep a family together.

Back in 2003, my family fell apart and I began going through a very tumultuous divorce. This was nothing I neither planned for nor wanted for my family. I grew up wanting to be married, raise a family and give them a life I didn’t have as a child. Now it was crumbling. So one of the things I did to help in this difficult time was create memories for my two children and I. We would go on home schooled field trips or be involved in activities that were fun as well as educational. So that years down the road when we would be melancholy about our life and think that everything about it was bad, we would pick up one of those memory books and realize that we did have fun. We did enjoy each other and life was important … even back then.

One simple trip we took was to Maine for a Home School Field Trip. We were going to the DeLorme Map Company and the kids were going to learn about longitudes and latitudes. But on the way we stopped in Kittery to do some shopping and have a nice lunch. Then we headed to our destination, which was Freeport, Maine.

Went to a nice restaurant to have dinner. There were no tables available and because the bar room was quiet they let us sit at the bar. The kids thought that was way too cool. There was a basket ball game on the TV that we watched as we ate our burgers. After that, we headed over to LL Bean. Well that was fun because they got to shop so late at night … since LL Bean is open 24 hours. The next day was spent at the DeLorme Map Company. The instructor was a gentleman that climbed Mount Everest and he shared his experience about that … even getting frostbite and loosing fingers.   We then headed home.

It was simple yet so special. The kids commented how fun it was because they were free to enjoy the trip without any drama. Those memories are in our books and can be relived over and over.

What memories do you have as a family that your children (as well as yourself) could enjoy reliving? Pull them out and begin.   Gather those photos and begin to tell the story. Tell it from the heart. Create a memory that will last forever. Your family will be glad you did.

If this is hard for you to do, Certified Photo Organizers can guide you in that process.   Being one myself, I would be honored to help you create that memory for you and your family. Let’s get started.

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  1. We have recently become grandparents, and a couple of weeks ago my son brought his family too our place for the first time. Now that he’s got children of his own, he was very excited to look at the photo albums of trips and other activities we’d enjoyed together when he was younger and I am so glad we were able to provide that.

    • Yes Jill. That’s why a lot of times we recommended sorting and storing by theme as opposed to chronological. In themes you can better capture a story. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have gotten to the point where I would much rather give my kids experiences and memories instead stuff. That’s what they will remember 20 years from now. And the photos of those experiences are truly precious.

  3. As the family photographer and never seen in any pictures, lol, I realized early on the need to capture precious moments. In reading your story you so courageously shared, it makes me glad to have my many photos to share with my family through happy and tough times. Thanks so much for your words!!

    • It’s so true for the photographer. They just aren’t in the photos. Maybe that’s how “selfies” started. But I venture to guess you have beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Regina, we share a similar history. I also went through an unexpected divorce in 2006 and I homeschooled 3 children for 13 years. And we are professional organizers!! It took me 3 or 4 years to be able to have the emotional strength to look at 24 years of family photos. But I’m glad to say I have been able to finally do that & keep some of those special memories. It helps when you finally get down to a manageable amount!

    • So sorry to hear that. It’s definitely a hard time for families but it sounds like you’ve gotten through it. Hold onto those memories. One day they won’t be so hard. Thanks for sharing.

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