What is Your Clutter or Chaos Costing You … I Hope Not a Child?

Over the past few weeks there have been a number of parents leaving their infant in their car seat in a hot car.  Sadly, these infants have died.  This is unbearable to me as I ponder what has happened to these babies.  I think about how frightened they were for being not only left in the car but now they are experiencing death all alone.  My only solace is to know that the Lord was right beside them carrying them into Eternity and Angels were surrounding them giving them comfort.

I have to work at not being angry and judgmental.  I do struggle with understanding how you can put your child in their car seat, drive a short or long distance to work, get out of the car and proceed with your day without another thought of your child.  What is going on with this parent to at one point not remember they left their child in their car seat?

I wonder if it’s chaos in their life, in their home, at their job and lastly in their mind.  Working as a Professional Organizer I see much from minor disorganization to full hoarding.  I work with individuals who are constantly misplacing things, loosing checks not getting projects done, being late on paying bills and the list goes on.

Were these parent’s lives so out of control that they can easily misplace their child?  This is probably an extreme but it’s not far for some.  So I ask you to take a minute and look around you.  Is there total chaos in your home or work?  Are you forgetting things, misplacing items, being late for appointments and not paying bills on time?  Then STOP!  Stop what you are doing, take a deep breath and make a decision.  Make a decision to do something about your chaos and disorganization.  Don’t wait another minute.

If tackling this project is too overwhelming for you, then pick up the phone and call a Professional Organizer.  We are everywhere … in every Country.  We are very easy to find.  Get help.  Stop the chaos before something serious happens.  Stop deceiving yourself that you are ok; that it’s not a problem; you know where to find things.  You are not being productive in chaos!  Let us help you.  It’s our passion, experience and gifting.

Your Organizing Expert … Believing in You!


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