What’s the Status of Your Memory Card?

Organizing Tip #21 is switching gears for our Get Organized Month!

Today I had the privilege of speaking at Simsbury Public Library on Leaving a Legacy. We had a lovely turnout and the audience participation was great. Today I want to switch gears from residential organizing to photo organizing.

So I have a question for you. How often do you download your memory card from your camera or Smartphone?

– After each Event or picture taking.
– Once a week.
– Once a month.
– Never. My card is getting full.

Please don’t wait until something tragic or permanent happens to those photos. Leaving them on your memory card is not the best system for storing.

We all need to come up with an organizational system that works for us individually. But as a Certified Photo Organizer, I recommend that you take photos off your memory card after each Event or picture taking. First, go through these new pictures and delete those that are not worth keeping. Next step is to back it up to your designated back up system (computer, external hard drive or the “clouds”) and then delete them from your card. This will keep your card free and clean and your new photos safe.

Oh and remember. It’s best to have your photos backed up on two different methods of storage. One could be an external hard drive and the other could be the clouds. So off you go! Take care of your precious memories and back up those photos!

Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!


  1. What would you recommend for an external hard drive! I want to get all of these photos and videos on my computer saved where I know they will be safe.

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