When is it Time to Call a Professional Organizer?

Get Organized Month guidelines with Organizing Tip #29.

Many people have the skill and ability to de-clutter and organize their homes or small businesses. But there are times when the best of an organized person might need to call in the troops. When are some of those times?

1. After a divorce or after getting married
2. When families blend together
3. When it’s time to downsize
4. After a birth or after a death
5. When the nest is empty
6. During or after an illness
7. Getting ready for an estate sale
8. As you pack for a move or unpack after a move
9. After you have renovated your home
10. When the job is simply too much for you to handle

I hope these guidelines will propel you to pick up the phone and ask for that help. It may not be an always help that is needed but just a one time help.


Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!

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