Why Do Professional Organizers Love to Use Label Makers?

Winding down our Get Organized Month with Organizing Tip #27.

Do you ever wonder why Professional Organizers can be nerdy about their label makers? Well there are very logical reasons. Here are a few:

1. When you label something, you give it meaning and purpose. For example, if you create a file folder that says “Bills to Pay,” then the only thing that will go into that folder will be the bills you need to pay. You won’t feel right placing “things to file” in this specific folder.
2. When you label shelves or containers, then you give items a place to live. You won’t then put items that don’t belong on the shelf or in the container that does not comply with the label.
3. When you label, you are helping others in your house know where the items came from and where they are to go back to. Shelves will have a tendency to stay neat and tidy.

So here are a few of the reasons we LOVE our label makers. They are well worth the investment.

Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!

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