Why I’ve Been Hired as a Photo Organizer!

This past weekend, I decided to dive into my own personal photos to do some organizing. I was recently given a number of boxes of photos from my parents. I actually thought I had all their photos but realized what I had were just the heritage photos and not the ones of our family growing up.

So I decided to spend time getting a handle on these photos, get them organized and then scan them. Once they are scanned I will share with my family.

As a Photo Organizer, I get calls to help clients organize and preserve their memories? Here are some of the reasons they reach out for help.

  1. They are overwhelmed. Not sure how to start or where to begin. They have so many photos (paper and digital) that the project overwhelms them.
  2. They just inherited their parents photos and aren’t sure what the next step is. Do they keep mom and dad’s vacations (when they didn’t participate or join them)? Or they have photos of pictures of flowers that their mom loved to take and they mean nothing to the child.
  3. All the photos are in their original envelop and their children are now young adults and they never created any type of memory for them to have.
  4. Their child is about to graduate high school/college and they want to put together something special as a gift.
  5. They have mom and dad’s old movies and the projector is broken and they can’t even see what they are of let alone enjoy the movies.
  6. All their VHS tapes are just sitting in the cabinet and not being viewed. They are concerned that over time the tapes will deteriorate. Plus they are not even watching them because the VCR player is gone.
  7. They want to have their photos scanned so they can share with families but they don’t want to go to a “Big Box” store and leave their photos knowing they are being shipped out and possibly shipped overseas.
  8. They want a Professional to help them with a strategy on how to navigate the preservation of their memories.
  9. Their photos in their old albums are turning colors … that are not very nice. They don’t know what to do to stop this from happening.
  10. Their computers, phones, iPads or tablets are full of photos and they don’t know how to get them all in one place, organized and tagged.
  11. They have some very precious photos that are damaged and they wonder if they can be restored … of course the answer is yes!
  12. They have delicate or fragile photos and even “charm photos” that “Big Box” won’t deal with and they need help preserving these photos.
  13. They have photos that are larger than 8 x 10 and “Big Box” won’t scan or can’t scan.
  14. They have buckets, boxes, drawers and containers full of photos that are unorganized and a mess. They want help organizing them so they can figure the next step to preserve them.
  15. They have thousands of digital photos and they are not identified. They don’t even know how to locate them if they want to find a specific photo.
  16. They need some assistance on backing up their digital photos. They know if something happens to their computer, they could loose all their digital photos.

So these are just a few of the reasons I get phone calls from clients that need help with their photos – whether paper or digital. Are you one in need? Don’t wait until something happens before you preserve the most precious item in your family. You took photos for a reason. Now enjoy them.

Reach out and contact me should you like a consult, some assistance or someone to handle the project of preserving your family’s legacy! I’d be honored to help.

Your Health, Wellness and Organizing Expert … believing in you!

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