Winterize and Organize Your Clothes!

Last week I talked about winterizing your home (for those who live in climate change areas) to ensure your home was ready for the cold weather. This week let’s talk about getting your clothes ready for the winter.10066065DivisionStorageBenchWhite_V2

You may not yet need the heavy wools, scarves, hats and gloves. But getting them out and ready are always a good idea at this time. You never know when the weather could do a dramatic change and warmer clothes be needed. Having to dig them out or trying to remember where you stored them is not fun as you are trying to get yourself out the door and you realize it’s cold outside.

Let’s focus on your outerwear. Do you have a special place where everyone can place his or her outer wear in a neat and orderly fashion?

  • Is there a convenient place for the kids to put their coats upon entering the door? It’s best that is happens as close to entry as possible.
  • Where does everyone take off his or her boots? In our house, we take them off and leave them in the garage. But our entry into the house is from the garage. If that is not the case in your home and boots need to be taken off in your entry way, be sure there is a nice rubber platform that holds water to sit everyone’s boots upon. Have wet tiled or wood floors is not only dangerous but dirty.
  • Does each family member have their own “cubby” or drawer to place their hats, scarves and mittens in? You can purchase very economical storage containers from places like Ikea, The Container Store and even Target.

How about your wardrobe? Do you need to make adjustments to your wardrobe and make seasonal changes to your clothes? Here are some organizational tips:

  • Realize that having an organized closet is helpful on many fronts. You clothes are neat and ready to wear and you have a greater visual idea of what you own and the choices you have to wear.
  • If you don’t have enough hanging space in your closet, consider using hooks for hanging items like your winter bathrobe.
  • Empty the closet in total. As you are emptying the closet, create 3 piles. Store, donate, and toss. Please give attention to the clothes you want to donate vs. toss. If something is so worn, that you would not wear it, don’t donate it. It’s time to toss them. Giving donation centers clothes that are a mess is really not fair. Why give them more work by having them toss it when you could do it yourself.
  • Find a home for your summer items. I am fortunate that I have an extra closet to store my office season clothes in. But it’s not big enough to keep all of them. So I only put my business clothes in this closet and the reminder of my clothes go into Rubbermaid Storage bins.
  • No begin putting your winter clothes in the closet. Put them in by likes. Pants with pants, dresses with dresses, shirts with shirts, etc. Then by color is helpful.
  • Have a place for shoes. Some options are keeping them in their original box, buy clear plastic boxes and store them or have shoe racks to place your shoes on.
  • For your belts and/or ties, get intentional about placing them on specific belt and tie hangers. The worse thing is to have a pile of ties on the floor. Getting the wrinkles out of ties is not an easy task. Hang them appropriately and you will always be ready with the tie of your choice.
  • How about those hand bags. Keeping them neatly lined up on a shelf visible to see is helpful when wanting to change one out.
  • Scarves can be an individual’s worse nightmare … especially if you are a collector of them. There are different options for scarves. One of them is folding neatly and placing in a drawer. Or another option is to purchase a scarf hanger and have them hang in your closet. It’s best to put them together by color. That’s the easiest way to make a choice.
  • Do you have a hamper near by to put your dirty clothes in once you take them off? Don’t make it difficult to put them somewhere because they will end of upon the floor. Respect your clothes and take care of them. Piling them on the floor is not really taking care of them.

Do you feel overwhelmed with your closet and need organizational ideas to make better use of your closet? Consider hiring a Professional Organizer. We have the skill, knowledge and know how to make your closet be the most efficient for your daily use.

Your Organizing Expert … Believing in You!


  1. Love that you mentioned emptying the entire closet. I think you and I are on the same page this week. Finding a space for the outerwear is worth the effort because they take up a lot of space… and before we know it, that will be all we are wearing!

  2. Now that I’ve pared down my wardrobe to the point where everything fits in my closet and dresser drawers, I don’t tend to go through everything between seasons as I used to. However, I keep a bag or box in my closet and whenever I realize I don’t like something anymore or it no longer fits me, out it goes.

  3. Great tips for closet organizing. I love going through my closet and match items up and see what is left. Just today i got rid of three items that were faded and worn. It’s important to get rid of stuff when you buy new stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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