Detox Your Home!

The health of your family starts in the kitchen. Yet many kitchens are full of chemicals and toxins from what’s in your pantry, the food you eat to how you store your food.  Also what you cook your food on is to be highly regarded. Consequently, it’s not only your kitchens where toxins can be found, because toxins can lurk in every room of your home.

Your home needs to be safe without the risk of being poisoned by the chemicals so readily found in our environment. You may not be able to prevent the toxins in the air outside, but you DO NOT need to bring toxins into your home.

My Detox Your Home Program will help you create a “safe” home by looking at:

  • Your cleaning products
  • The candles you burn or the plug-ins you use
  • What you cook with
  • How you store your food
  • The water you drink
  • Your showers
  • Dry cleaning …

… as well as other items.  Uncovering these toxins will help to remove the chemicals that harm your hormones or other systems of your body.

Essential oils and cleaning products

This program offers a complete walk through of your home to uncover those toxic items stored in your home.

This walk through can be done in person (depending on your location) or via Zoom.  After reviewing specific areas of your home, I will help you identify what is toxic and what you should consider replacing. 

You will then receive a full written report of what items to remove and the recommendation to replace your toxic items.  I will help make your home safe and toxic free!

What rooms of your home could be housing chemical products:

Are you ready?

Contact me to set up a Discovery Call and obtain pricing.  Prices depend on size of home.

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