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Revive Joy ... Rejuvenate Destiny ...
Restore Health

Supporting & guiding you to the live you were meant to live!

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Health & Wellness Coaching

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Life Transition/Divorce Coaching

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Revive Joy, Rejuvenate Destiny, Restore Health!

What is your 2 am issue?

What wakes you up in the middle of the

night and keeps you awake?

For me it was anxiety.  I had lived all my life with a level of anxiety and stress that almost became my friend.  I learned to navigate my day with it by my side.  It seemed to have gone away … or so I thought.  But when I would go to bed at night, it would pop its ugly head.

Falling asleep was never a problem.  I was emotionally exhausted.  But sure enough a few hours later I was awake … bright eyed and bushy tailed.  My body was exhausted still but my mind was ready to go.  Sometimes I would fall back asleep (hours later) or sometimes that was it for the night.  My day started at 2 am.  Not a good way to live.

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If this is you …

Understand this was NOT God’s plan for your life.

Abundant Living – it’s your right and the original plan of God!

As a Spiritual Life & Wellness Coach, I help women realize that, deep within themselves, they hold the ability to overcome. How do I know that? Because I’m an overcomer.

You do not need to live with anxiety, depression or ill health. Inside of you is the ability to ignite joy, bring healing and come to life again.

We live in a broken world and many of us have been hurt by trauma in some way. With unresolved trauma, we carry around open wounds that never seem to heal. As we move along in life, we take those wounds and those problems with us and they continue to rob us of joy and life. But even though you may have been wounded, you don’t need to remain wounded.

Let me help you … 

Revive your Joy … Rejuvenate your Destiny … Restore your Health!

Is it time to invest in yourself? 

It will be work and require changes! 

But it will not be impossible work.

With my support, guidance and wisdom, you will have the encouragement, motivation, wisdom, and love you need to help reach your goal(s).

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Do you believe you have within you all that you need to

live in that freedom?


Have you reached your end? 

Perhaps now is the time for you to take a serious look at your life as a whole so you can begin to have the confidence that can move you into that “full life.”  Working with me will enable to you move into that destiny.

Let me help you create a life where you have

Revived Joy, Rejuvenated Destiny and Restored Health!

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