Are you:

  • Fatigued?

  • Stressed out, anxious or depressed?

  • Overweight?

  • Needing caffeine to keep you going?

  • Not sleeping well?

  • Craving sugar?

  • Always on a diet?

  • Diabetic or pre diabetic?

  • Moody?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and stuck?

basket of vegetables

Perhaps You Need a Spiritual Life & Health Coach!

Did you know …

  • That your body has been created to heal itself? But the key is that your body have the right tools to heal?
  • It’s God’s will and desire that you be healed, well and whole?
  • That having knowledge does not necessarily equal behavior change?
  • Making a change without the right support, program and accountability can be extremely difficult?
  • Most importantly, we are all “bio-individuals” …  what works for me may not work for you?
  • Lastly, finding out what the underlying reason is that has you stuck in this cycle of ill health will be key to get you “unstuck” and live a life of freedom?


fruits and vegetables

What Will Some of Your Outcomes Be?

  • Begin to enjoy waking up each day as life opens up to you.
  • Transition from anxiety and/or depression to joy and peace.
  • Understand your cravings and how to reduce them.
  • Release your dependence on fast and processed foods.
  • Adding new foods to your palate.
  • Increase your levels of energy.
  • Have better nights of sleep.
  • Learn how to avoid environmental toxins.
  • Strengthen your personal relationships.

Grounding You in Wholeness

This Program includes (3- or 6-month commitment):

  • Weekly one-on-one 30-minute Coaching Sessions (via Zoom, phone or in person)
  • Customized strategies that will help you reach your targeted goal
  • Action steps at each Coaching Session
  • Review of Primary as well as Secondary Foods
  • Coaching Session Recap given after each Session
  • “Wheel of Life” reviewed monthly
  • Recommended books to read
  • Recommended foods to eat
  • Essential oil guidance
  • Unlimited email support, texting or VOX communications
  • Bonus Gift at the end of 6 Month Commitment

Are you ready?

As a Spiritual Life & Health Coach, I will guide, support, encourage and love you in making changes in your lifestyle choices so you can live a life of peace, love, joy and health!

Contact me by clicking this link to schedule a 30-minute free chat to discuss the specifics of my program and how I will help you “gain control of your health and wellness.” 

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