Transform Trauma into Peace!

12-Week One-On-One Coaching Program to free your body and mind of past trauma!

We think that the trauma we experienced lives solely in our mind and with some good therapy we can rid ourselves of those memories.  The sad truth is that trauma also lives in our bodies.  It can be there for so long that we don’t even realize it’s there affecting our well-being.  Prolonged, unhealed trauma can begin to develop into health issues.

Studies show that 85-90% of physical illnesses stem from unhealed emotions. Don’t let yourself be that statistic. You have more power over your health than you think. Let’s release you from the darkness your trauma has put you in!

You’ve been living with un-ease for a long time, but enough is enough!

First we will spend time discussing your issues and pain to discover how your trauma is manifesting in your body.

Next we will each week focus on a tool to help bring you to the fullness of healing.

Then you will begin to feel the peace, love, joy and health percolate in your body to help you live in freedom.

healing from trauma
You Can Be Free From Past Trauma

I can help because I've been there...

Because I experienced every type of abuse in my life, it had filled my body with much emotional pain.  Consequently, my life was filled with dreaming of the day I would be free.  Free from the pain of my past trauma.

I suffered from gut issues, anxiety, depression and lived much of my life making my decisions from a fear-based perspective.

After I received healing and began to finally walk in freedom, I experienced profound change.  Now my heart is to help others do the same.  Years ago, during some prayer time the Lord told me “I have to take you this way for healing so you can help others down the road.”  Not fully understanding then what that meant, I do now.

I’m here to help.  

Let’s chat over a cup of calming tea to see how my Coaching Program will bring you to that place of peace, love, joy and health.  Freedom is something the Father wants for you and so do I.

Regina Sanchez

Your very first step is just to have a chat with me.

You will be loved, respected and appreciated through the process of bringing you to freedom.

My passion is to shine light on truth, encourage you to move in freedom and revive you to a life of joy, peace, love, and health by Giving You a Fresh Start After Trauma!

No matter what has happened in your life and no matter what area of your life is affected, you always have the ability to have a “Fresh Start.”   But sadly, there can be obstacles along the way that try to prevent you from getting started.  That is where my Coaching will help you get that “Fresh Start and propel you to victory. 

God created your body to heal itself AND for you to live in His peace.   With that peace you will have the answers to life.  I want to give you the tools to begin that journey of a Fresh Start”. So let’s begin to Revive those areas of your life that have been affected by trauma.

Let me help you set your intentions on becoming that Reviver.  

Let’s begin your journey now.

R – Be REDEEMED to who God created you to be.

E – EXPERIENCE true freedom by EXPERIENCING the Love of the Father.

V – Move into VICTORY from all that oppresses you.

I – Be INSTRUCTED on how to move into freedom and stay free.

V – Develop a VISION for your life.

E – ELIMINATE obstacles that come into your path so you can be an OVERCOMER.

R – REJOICE over your life even if you are not where you want to be and still on that journey.

S – Finally, learn how to be STEADFAST and have STAYING power as you SUCCEED!

Let’s get started!

Are you ready?

Then, welcome to my Coaching Program of Transform Trauma into Peace!

What would life be like if you woke up every day excited for what it holds?

I will help you discover that place of peace, love, joy and health.

A look inside my coaching program:

What are some of the tools you will receive?


We discuss the trauma you experienced and how it is residing in your life and your body.


I will help you understand the importance of having a spiritual life.  It’s not about religion but about a spiritual relationship with the Creator of the Universe.


Getting grounded in the truth that God wants you healed and whole is critical to renewing your mind and giving you a new way to believe. I will help you move away from teachings that  “God is teaching me a lesson” or “God gave me this sickness to slow me down” or whatever reasons you’ve been given for your dis-ease.


I will give you the tools to help you begin to live in a mode of peace in your life and teach you how to stay there.


What do you do when you have no strength or power to move forward, and you feel like you want to give up? I  have the “key” to help you.  You have been given a special gift that will help you help you keep moving forward.


We cannot leave out discussing gut health and its ties to anxiety, stress and depression.  Balancing your gut will help lower those issues in your life.


Here I will give you another tool that will give you wisdom and guide you on this journey of freedom.


Shame is a veil that prevents us from living as the person we were created to be.  Here we will identify that shame and show you how you can be set free from it.


Forgiveness is an important step, and one that can be difficult to give.  I will help you walk that out with love and tenderness.


Having a renewed mind will be key to walking this journey to freedom and I will show you how to be renewed in your mind.


Discovering who you were created to be and what you were destined to do will be critical to your overall victory.


Lastly, it will be important to understand that you are in a battle and spiritual warfare will be necessary to bring you out of being stuck and move you to a place of thriving and not just surviving.

What others have said!

“I Have More Confidence!”

“I’d forgotten about me, again. A wonderful, loving time - one on one with Regina, providing scriptural truth and attention to my spirit, soul, and body so much so, I have hope once again. My outlook has improved since I’ve done some honest, soul-searching which led to a correction of my focus and a major shift in my emotional state. I am walking in more confidence with my Lord, not beating me up so much in my mind. I’m laughing more, enjoying life with a much-improved outlook! Thank you Regina for a great class, and thank you, Father God, that you gave Regina the idea!”
healing from trauma
Client Who Wishes to Remain Private

“Best decision I ever made!”

“About a year ago I started experiencing some depression and was always feeling anxious. As a person who has experienced these feelings off and on through my life and have been in and out of counseling, I just didn’t want to talk to anyone about it again. I spoke to my primary care about the feelings I was having, she recommended I talk to Regina. I’ve never heard of a Spiritual Life & Health Coach and didn’t really want to spend the money on this type of therapy. Fast forward several months I was still in a funk, so I decided to reach out to Regina. Let’s just say this was one of the best decisions I ever made. I left our first session feeling hopeful as Regina not only listened to me, but I know she heard me because she asked me questions about our conversations that helped me think of things differently. As each week went on, I found myself looking forward to our meetings to not only tell her about the wins I had each week but also things I needed help with. She gave me tools that nobody has ever given me to help me when I’m frustrated or overwhelmed. I now use these tools daily and they have really helped me with my day-to-day life both at work and home. I am happy again, things I questioned before I don’t question, I learned to say no to things I really don’t want to do and not feel guilty about it and lastly, I learned to put myself first again. Regina truly cares and I felt that each of our sessions. Although I had my last session as I felt strong and ready to move forward, I will keep Regina’s email/number close.”
healing from trauma
Client Who Wishes to Remain Private

“Supportive, encouraging, and non-judgmental”

“Regina Sanchez is by far one of the most influential people I have encountered in my life. From helping me organize and move to life coaching sessions on getting my life on a better track, she has been supportive, encouraging, and non-judgmental which has made my process one of self-loving rather than self-loathing.”
healing from trauma
Leslie Horne-Seifert

“Listens With An Open Heart!”

“Regina is a talented Coach and Teacher. The best thing about her is her ability to listen with an open heart. She is non-judgmental, empathetic, and patient. Regina isn't pushy trying to tell you what to do but always empowers you by encouraging you to grow in your knowledge of the Lord and intimacy with Him. Her gift and ability to pick up on insights and offer wisdom from the Lord will help you in your walk. I love how she has helped me to progress in my walk so much faster, helping me to begin walking in my calling. I am exceedingly grateful for her help, and I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling to know God, trust in Him, and follow Him.”
healing from trauma
Kia Walker

Still not sure?

This Coaching Program is for you if …

  • You’re tired of being tired.
  • You hate how you feel each day lacking joy and peace.
  • You are ready to be done with anxiety, stress and depression.
  • You want to wake up each day with joy in your heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our sessions will be 45-50 minutes weekly via Zoom.  You will receive a Recap after each Session with your Plan for the next week.  Lastly, there will be a Study Guide given each week for you to dig deeper in between our calls.

Yes and no!  The process is easy but can be hard if you resist making change.  If you are ready for change, then each step will flow smoothly for you.

That is wonderful because religion is not what we need.  But I am spiritual and have a very solid relationship with the One who created me and loves me the Lord Jesus Christ.  I would hope to bring you to that place as well if you are not there.

Is that you? Then let’s connect!

Accordingly, my heart and my passion are to bring freedom to your life and have you walk in the fullness of who the Father created you to be.  I want to move you from living in a place of fear to a place of rest and peace.  Seeing you living life in freedom will give me the greatest joy!

Finally, if reading this spoke to you in some way, let’s chat.

Your First Step Towards Your Fresh Start After Trauma!

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