Circle of Life … your home environment!

Are you feeling comfortable with your spiritual life?  Is it strong, growing and giving you the peace, love and guidance, you need?  I pray so.

This week I want to discuss the area of your home environment.  This Circle of Life Spoke on the Wheel is special to me as I have spent the last 8 years working as a Professional Organizer.  Helping families get their homes in order was very heartfelt for me.  I educated my clients on the importance of having a home that is a place of peace, rest, and comfort.  It needs to be a place where you are happy to go home to everyday after a hard day of work.  It needs to be a place of beauty and I’m not saying it needs to be a “Better Homes and Garden” home.  The beauty it expresses needs to be a representative of who your family is.  It defines your family.

I teach my clients that each room needs to have a purpose.  Not a purpose defined by me or a magazine but defined by your family.  For example, you may have a dining room that you truly never use or only use on holidays.  You home school your children or your children are home because schools are still fearful of this virus.  You need a place for your children to work and the dining room makes the most sense.  So, you define this room as a “education” room.  You would then rearrange the room to accommodate this need.

Or let’s take your bedroom … the master bedroom.  When I had a whole house to organize, I always encouraged my clients to work in this room first.  This room needs to be a sanctuary.  It’s a place when you sleep and have those intimate moments with your spouse.  It’s not a place for storage.  It’s not a place to house your “office” or desk … if you can avoid this.

How about your kitchen table?  Is it the family’s dumping ground?  Can you easily sit at the kitchen table to have your family meals or are you constantly removing the items that get dumped there daily?

To get you started on your journey of creating a home of peace, rest, and comfort, I’m attaching a Form OrganizingRoombyRoom for you to begin.  This form will help you “define” the purpose for each room in your home.  It will help you define the areas to be organized, what items will be stored or housed in this room, and any notes you want to make.

I hope this Form will help you get started on making your home that place you truly enjoy being in each and every day.

Know that I’m here to help you get started.  Please reach out if you need a little push to propel you to your goal.   Let’s Schedule A Call Together


Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!

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