Could you benefit from having a new relationship?  But not just any relationship … the ultimate relationship!

Have you ever found yourself in the cycle of “why?”  You ruminate over your why questions only to feel like you are like a hamster on a spinning wheel.  “Where are you, Lord?  Why does this keep happening to me?  Why aren’t you stopping this, Lord?  Why does it seem that the enemy keeps having the upper hand?”

How many times have you asked those questions?  I know I had for years and sometimes it was daily.  I would get myself in such a state of pain and confusion to then only fall deeper into despair.

If that’s you, then take a few minutes and listen to my Podcast on Could You Benefit From Having a Relationship? The Ultimate Relationship! to help give you answers to some of your why questions.

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Could You Benefit From Having a New Relationship?