What is Good Public Health?

It has been a difficult year and a half for many with the perpetuating and marketing of fear regarding the Covid Virus.  What saddened me greatly was that we never heard on the news or by Government officials what could be done to heal from the virus or help us prevent from getting it.  In […]

Circle of Life … your social life!

Last week we talked about your finances.  For those who downloaded my Excel Budget Spread Sheet, did you find it helpful?  I hope so.  I’m sure all categories don’t specifically apply to you.  But they are easy to change to meet your specific needs. This week we are going to look at the area of […]

Bird’s Eye View … where intuition meets logic! with Dr. Frank Aieta

Here is our 2nd Panel Discussion on Bird’s Eye View … where intuition meets logic! In this specific Panel Discussion, our Host was Dr. Frank Aieta from West Hartford, CT.  Some of our discussions were: How he 100% successfully treated his covid patients. Why masks are mandated when the manufacture of the masks say they […]