Your Skin is a Great Barometer of Your Health!

Understanding that your skin is the largest organ of your body will perhaps help you look at what might be happening on your skin differently.  When your body internally may be shutting down or having health issues, you may not know it until it is progressed to dis-ease and effecting internal organs.  But your organ, […]

Health Does Not Happen in Your Doctor’s office!

Spring is in the air.  I’m not sure where all my readers are in the United States, but here in Connecticut we are enjoying some breakthrough of Spring.  As I write this message to you, it is 55 degrees outside.  It definitely is starting to feel like Spring. Today I want to talk with you […]

This Might Be Controversial!

This email might lend itself to be on the controversial side and cause some to be offended.  PLEASE hear my heart.  That is not my intention. I am about education, knowledge, information, wisdom and giving another perspective for people to evaluate and make their own decisions.  But many times, we don’t have all the facts, […]