Your Skin is a Great Barometer of Your Health!

Understanding that your skin is the largest organ of your body will perhaps help you look at what might be happening on your skin differently.  When your body internally may be shutting down or having health issues, you may not know it until it is progressed to dis-ease and effecting internal organs.  But your organ, […]

More Great Allergy Relief Ideas!

I know people are still suffering with allergies and we still have a way to go before Allergy Season is over.  This Blog is to share this great information from Dr. Livingood regarding 6 ideas to get allergy relief. You know I avoid medications as much as possible and always choose natural ways before I […]

Allergies – Get Relief Using Essential Oils!

Allergy season is upon us as we are moving into Spring as trees, grasses and flowers are starting to bloom. Last week I sent an email titled One Way to Rid Yourself of Allergies.  If you missed that email, you could read it on my Blog post link here.  It was a short email and had […]

One Way to Rid Yourself of Allergies

Happy Spring! I hope you are all beginning to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Here in Connecticut the weather is spectacular.  I’m ready to get outside to my gardens and begin getting them ready for the season. With Spring upon us, many deal with allergies.  Do you know if you strengthen your immune system and get […]