First Thing to Do With Your Ill-Health!

From a health coaching perspective for my clients that are dealing with ill-health, the first thing I would recommend with them is to look at what they are eating.  What do they have in their pantry that could be contributing to their ill-health.  So many people that I talk to are unaware of how the […]

Is Sunscreen Safe to Use?

I know we’ve been told for years to watch out for the sun because the sun causes cancer.  But I personally have a different take.  We need the sun for Vitamin D3.  If we need the sun for Vitamin D, how can it cause cancer?  Vitamin D3 is imperative to our health.  It’s bad enough […]

What Category Does Your Food Fall Into … safe or poison?

I cannot shout this statement from the roof top enough!   We, as a Nation, have fallen into the trap of purchasing toxic food that bring on dis-ease and then we are made to believe toxic medication will bring healing or protection to our body. Have you bought into the fear? Fear was so instilled […]

Being Your Best Health Advocate!

Being your own health advocate is critical for the times we live in.  People are getting sicker and sicker and now even children are suffering from debilitating dis-eases.  As much as we love and trust our Physicians, there is only such much studying they can do to be current on all new health treatments and […]