What Category Does Your Food Fall Into … safe or poison?

I cannot shout this statement from the roof top enough!

We, as a Nation, have fallen into the trap of purchasing toxic food that bring on dis-ease and then we are made to believe toxic medication will bring healing or protection to our body.

Fear was so instilled in us these past two years regarding a virus that has a 99.97% recovery rate, so that when a non-FDA approved (still not approved as of today) gene therapy came out after less than a year of research and testing, people jumped on it thinking it would save them from this virus. We were lied to that it was a vaccine because it is not. It is a gene therapy. Now the damage this gene therapy injection has caused is beyond belief. Many thousands of people have died after receiving this injection and to add fuel to that fire, what they say could happen down the road is very concerning.

It would do us well to move from the thinking that toxic medication will bring healing. It may for the short term but what are the side effects of that medication. Always do your research and determine if it is worth the risk. Only we each can make that decision.

My grocery bill each week can be ridiculously high. But I have made the decision that I would rather “pay” at this end with health then pay at the other end from dis-ease and illnesses. I know not everyone can spend a lot on groceries because of budget restrictions. But are you spending money each day at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? Do you buy your lunch every day instead of bringing your lunch to work (which is healthier)? There are ways to transfer your spending from one area to your grocery spending so you purchase healthier food and I can help you with that. I can help you look in your pantry and show you what may be on your shelves that can wreak havoc to your health and well-being and financially cost you more than you realize.

Take control of your health. Do your research. Be your best health advocate. Don’t take the easy way … take the healthy way.

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