What is Your Gut Telling You?

Is stress, anxiety or depression part of your life for so long that it seems like having these emotional imbalances is a normal way of life?  It’s with you throughout the day but somewhat unnoticed.  But at night when you are asleep and all is quiet, it pops its ugly head.  You’ve tried therapy, supplements […]

Are You Loving “Stuff” a Little Too Much?

When I was in my full-time organizing mode, I had clients who struggled with letting items go even if they had no need for these items.  Sometimes those items were held onto for: Security A sense of feeling a part of something Not feeling lonely Wanting the memory of the item because they thought if […]

The Importance of Renewing Your Mind!

Recently I read a book by Dr. Caroline Leaf called “Think Learn Succeed … Understanding and using your mind to thrive at school, the workplace and life.” It’s quite fascinating the research she has done for over 20 years about what we put in our mind, what we keep in our mind and what we speak out. […]

What Are Your Present Struggles in Your Divorce?

What is positioned before you right now?  Are you fearful, depressed, worried, or anxious?  Does it seem that things are going from bad to worse in your divorce situation?  Are you not sure how this is ever going to end?  Does it seem like your ex is now living life to his fullest and meanwhile […]

Do You Have Decision Fatigue?

As a Spiritual Life and Health Coach, I often hear from people how hard it is for them to make decisions.  So many times, in life, they become paralyzed in moving forward with even the simplest decision. I call this “decision fatigue.” What is decision fatigue? I believe it’s when you struggle with trying to […]

Restful Night Sleep Tip!

In my days of full-time organizing and having a client that had a whole house that needed to be decluttered and organized, the one room I always recommended we start with was the client’s bedroom.  Of course, I let them make the final decision, but I would always guide them in that direction. My Reason […]

How Are You Managing Your Digital Photos!

I am all about alleviating stress and helping people live in peace.  What could be a very devastating thing that could happen to you that would cause the utmost stress and take your peace away? Let’s go back to when I was working full time as a Professional Organizer with an added service of Photo […]

Deciding is Just the First Step!

How many of you read the statement in this picture and answer with the number 4?  I believe I did the first time I saw it, but it didn’t take me long to realize that I had the wrong answer. Read it again and take a few minutes to really read each word and be […]

A Way to Bring Peace into Your Home!

Living in a home that is peaceful is critical to our health and well-being.  Our home needs to be a place that we look forward to coming to after a long day of work.  Additionally, our home needs to be a place that we enjoy spending our down time not always looking for a better […]

Being Still This Week!

I hope you had a blessed Christmas and/or Hannukah with your family and friends.  It can be a hectic and busy time and now that it’s over hopefully you can rest, relax and reflect on what 2023 will bring. Set your intention on making 2023 a good year … despite what is still happening around […]